Wednesday, May 15, 2013

should you wear a garden on your body?

Last night, I came straight home from work and went to my closet to attack the Seasonal Transfer Project. I’ve been putting it off for weeks, picking clothes to wear out of bins as the weather has been transforming the past few weeks. It always gets me thinking about what’s in my closet, what I like to wear and what I should donate or sell. It gets me thinking about the trends versus the classics and what’s appropriate for my age and wisdom.

Can you wear florals if you're over fifty?

Fabulous over Forty recently had an article that addresses whether or not we should wear our gardens on our bodies.
Florals are trending BIG this Spring, and I gotta admit, I am loving it. I am such a print girl, and if it’s floral, I love it even more. But what I’m really loving lately is the way florals are being done. Big, bold, abstract, on pants and jackets and in the most unexpected ways. So of course, it prompted me to take a look at my fabric stash to see what florals were there and what I could do with them.
Some of my thoughts about florals for someone my age?
1. I am thinking that I need to ground these floral prints of mine a little further by adding more solids to my wardrobe…solid jackets, tops, cardigans, etc.

2. I also think it’s key not to over-accessorize. A floral print on a lady shouts enough “hey look at me” without blinging it up too much. Let the focus be the floral.

3. I’m currently working on my fav jacket pattern in a stretch denim floral. What I like about this floral is that it’s placed with lots of background between the print. I think this is a nice way to work the floral if you are a woman of wisdom. It’s not babyish, it’s not too distracting, and it has that negative space to ground it.

4. Oh, and another thing? We can always do florals on accessories in a very appropriate way. I’ve been wanting to make a foldover clutch and was playing around with the idea of doing one in a floral. That would be fun.
photo courtesy

J Crew,1502.html/full

5. And finally, if it will be floral or ANYTHING we wear, let it fit well and stick to a classic shape. There is nothing that can make a floral garment go from fabulous to frumpy more than ill fit….no mumus allowed!

Are you sewing florals this Spring? And how?


  1. well you know I dont sew.. But I LOVE florals. I bought a breezy floral top at Jc Penney yesterday.....its gorgeous light blues.

    I say florals all the way baby! no matter your age.
    I love your solid jacket idea......and I ADORE that first little purse you;ve shown.

  2. I say go for florals, they looks great on you. Also, Lynne, you have a wonderful sense of style, so it is all good. Love the clutches

  3. Love that jacket! I think florals can be great. The shape of the outfit just needs to refrain from being too cutesy or on the other side too shapeless and boxy. You do always look great in your clothes, so I don't think you need to worry:)

  4. I don't understand this "Are you too old for thing?!" Shouldn't it be more does this fit my body, my lifestyle, etc.? I guess I'm always breaking rules I didn't know I was suppose to follow because I just made that floral dress with the lace sleeves. So I say go for it - it's only fabric!!!

  5. I'm over 50, and I wear florals, sometimes big ones!

  6. Yes - I wear florals. Sometimes, big abstract florals and sometimes smaller, allover prints. But you are right - fit is so important. g

  7. Love florals!! I do not care for teeny floral prints but do love the 40s style dark floral prints.

  8. No not yet! After reading your post, I thought about my closet. I really don't have any pieces with large floral designs. Most of my floral pieces are more water color looking or are on a small scale.
    I love how they look on you. Most of my clothes are solid in color, so I think in my mind florals are "too much". So, I need to think about florals.
    Maybe I need to try a summer sleeveless top in a floral and see how I feel about it!!!

  9. Why not florals at any age - just so long as they don't end up looking like grandma's housedress, and that has to do with the style, not necessarily the print. You look fabulous in bright prints.

  10. is paramount ! I am loving the florals this Spring ;-)

  11. These prints are so you-- bright and fun! Looking forward to seeing what you make! I don't really do florals myself, but I adore them on others, and I'm really excited to seeing that jacket finished!

  12. I love that you are thinking this through so carefully; and you have such good taste I'm sure whatever youdecide on will be gorgeous! Spring is such a feminine season, isn't it? I love the look of your jacket, and I really like that fourth floral print you have pictured, the tomato, pink, pumpkin an moss green. It's beautiful :)


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