Friday, January 4, 2013

The 2012 Collection....and my various hair styles

It's always interesting to me to see a complilation of a years' worth of sewing. Especially when the last things I made were weeks ago and involved little girl knits, doll clothes and slip covers! I begin to wonder if I really do make clothes for my own wardrobe! And then I remember....
The party dresses:

The everyday dresses ( my new TNT shift dress and shirt dress):

The jackets:

The tops:

The knit skirts:

The pants:

and the re-fashions:

Then I realize that I did add some nice pieces to my wardrobe. And I challenged myself to:
  • fit better
  • try something new (bound buttonholes, pants, sweater knits)
  • enter a contest or two ( Mad Men Dress Challenge, the Pattern Review Re-fashion Contest)
But here's what I don't see.
All of the things that I sketched and planned, and all of the fabric that didn't make it off the "to do" pile!

But that's what a New Year and a New List is for! 


  1. My favorite is the red-red party dress!

    I'm thinking of entering a contest this year. We shall see how that pans out ...

  2. Great look back at the year that was! Lots of lovely new things in your wardrobe - and lots more to come in 2013...

  3. Wow! What a wonderful year you had! You're so talented, and you have great style! Can't wait to see what you make in 2013!

  4. My favorite is the gorgeous black and white jacket! But really, they are all fantastic.

  5. Wow! What a lot of beautiful pieces... I really like them all... The houndstooth skirt is really nice. I have fabric just like that, but couldn't figure out what pattern to use because the print is just so big. But I like the way you used black panels on the sides - really chic and flattering! Happy New Year!

  6. Great job! Can't wait to see 2013 creations

  7. I think there's even a few things missing from that review. You had a great sewing year. Can't wait to see what you produce in 2013. g

  8. Great sewing year, although all of your garments are lovely, my favorite is the houndstooth refashion, you did an outstanding job.

  9. Lynne, You had a very productive year of sewing. You made beautiful clothing that fits well. Your houndstooth jacket is outstanding. Your knit skirts were the perfect compliment to you tops and jewelry. jackets. Love both coats. Everything turned out beautifully. Looking forward to next year and how you will inspire me.

  10. You did have a wonderful year and I remember quite a few of those garments. As for the list thing, that happens to me EVERY year! *LOL* So you're in good company!


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