Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thinking Spring when I've still got a pile of projects for Winter?

Now that Christmas is down and my house is settled once again, it's time to sew!

Yesterday I spent a few minutes organizing my mess of a sewing room...but danger, danger. I uncovered a pile of fall/winter projects that need to be done!  And  then I started thinking about the 

and the Spring 2013 Fashion Trends and I'm getting tingly all over.

First of all, I am a little crazy about that Monaco Blue, Dusk Blue, Poppy Red and Linen and all the sudden I'm feeling a wardrobe coming on

But it gets even better! 

Now, what I will not be wearing is the harness trend, the bralette trend or the exposed midriff trend. I would not want to terrify my co-workers and friends.
What I may challenge myself to do is working with sheers. I saw an adorable Lori Goldstein cardigan that I am dying to reproduce and it looks do-able:

And, I've always wanted to make a little white suit...maybe with skinny pants or a skirt  or both????
Or this...The Perfect Outfit  in my estimation:

DKNY Spring 2013
So what are you dreaming of for your wardrobe? Tell me about colors, trends and practicalities!


  1. IM dreaming of more Cuddl Dud long underwear for this winter. Seriously iM in love with it.

  2. Those are some great colors for spring. I like the Grayed Jade and Emerald, too. Can't wait to see your creations.

  3. I like the photo of a vase full of tomato pincushions. Spring--I can't get into it just yet. Maybe in another few weeks, when it's not so dang cold!

  4. Ooh, I love the idea of the cardigan with the sheer peplum/flounce. But I'm having a hard time thinking spring! Gotta finish up a few wintry projects first. :)

  5. It never seemed to get colder here, but I feel odd in springy stuff- argh- your pics are so inspiring- I want to start a new queue

  6. Happy New Year, Lynne. Like you I'm still trying to sew up fall and winter garments. But spring is around the corner and this is the time to start thinking about my wardrobe. As always, floral prints will be included in my wardrobe. I love emerald green and mixed media. So these are some of the trends that will show up in my wardrobe plan for Spring/Summer 2013.

  7. The DKNY outfit is indeed perfect, and the middle dress in the floral dresses is beautiful. For my birthday this year, I'm going to go to a color consultant. I've always had a difficult time finding colors that aren't too intense or that wash me out, and though it's been better since I've been sewing for myself, it's still tough. I hope that with a book of swatches and someone to help me put words to what I sense when I see color, I can start thinking. In the meantime, it's stash sewing probably in the way of a lot of easy basics and a feather print knit dress.

  8. You have some pretty pieces picked out but it's still too dark, too cold and too miserable outside for me to think of anything but wools and bundling up! :)


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