Tuesday, January 29, 2013

McCall's 6600: how to brighten up a dreary day


I don't want to start off on a downer, 
but first things first. You need to know that I had absolutely no joy in making this dress. I can absolutely relate to Carolyn and her safari jacket adventure. Every step of the way was drudgery for me. From the fabric to, well, the fabric.  Once I figured out the fit, I was good to go, but this fabric was a bear to work with. And this is such a simple pattern, I should have never had the construction issues that I did.

Now, that said, what I love about this dress is the fabric! The print, the drape. And you better believe that after about six people commented on the dress at work today, I will make more.

Thank you for your comments on the previous post... I absolutely agreed and went with the self tie belt, which leaves me wide open for other belt options.

My modifications?

I gave myself some extra room in the upper sleeve. The pattern is very slim through the upper arm.
I tapered the sides in from the underarm to the dress hem by about 2" on each side.
This pattern is short. I added 2 inches to the length...otherwise, on a breezy day like today, I would have had an oopsie or two. 
I eliminated the sleeve tabs. The sleeves rolled just fine on their own.

So, now that it's all said and done, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! McCall's 6600 will be on my project pile again.
This was the perfect dress for a gray day.


  1. Love this dress! Your fabric choice is great!!!! I love the print!!!

  2. After all you've gone through, you've picked a winner with this fabric, dress and styling!

  3. glad to see you weathered it through and finished up with a bang! would be lovely on a grey seattle day for sure!

  4. that really is fantastic fabric! And your dress came out gorgeous!

  5. This is absolutely amazing on you, Lynne. You look fantastic!

  6. It's a great dress and you look fabulous! g

  7. I've had the same experience: fabric that is horrible to work with but wonderful to wear and to launder! You soon forget the pain.
    This is a great pattern for you. I can imagine it looking very different depending on the fabric you choose.

  8. This looks adorable on you! I'm so glad you had good results after all that hard work!

  9. We all have those love/hate relationships with fabrics and patterns. I know you're glad you stuck it out and made this dress. What a pretty, bright dress, especially on a dreary day.

  10. Ohhh, it looks absolutely gorgeous!! Your perseverance paid off with a simply stunning dress. This type of shirtdress looks fab on you!

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  12. It is so lovely. GOod for you for conquering it LYNNE

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