Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lynne, you have a few things to consider for 2013…

Kettlebells or kettle corn?

recipe from Joy the Bake
Okay…the ongoing battle for my muscles and the eternal  face-off between exercise and sitonasofaitis syndrome.
The desire to cook and bake vs. the desire to be healthy…
Can there be a happy union of these two nemeses in 2013?

                                                         Party dress or pajamas?
I think I need to start looking at my closet in terms of what is practical for me. How do I spend my time in clothes? I have calculated the  time I am not nude in an average week:

45 hours in my work wardrobe.
56 hours in bed.
32 hours in weekend clothes…which could include wearing my “in bed” clothes
28 hours in relaxation clothes..which could include wearing my “in bed” clothes

Then, there  is the very occasional need for wedding/party attire. But what do I find that I am lacking? Hanging out clothes ( which my husband would refer to as a half step up from pajamas…but then, he wouldn't mind seeing me in a dress and heels while we played Scrabble or did laundry)
And pajamas. I want to make pajamas! Nightgowns! Lounging robes!

I happen to have two fabrics...a silky and a knit...let's see what happens when I make the same pajamas with  these two different fabrics!

Social or solitary?
About once a month, JR and I talk about how we need to plan some parties. I have a million ideas in my mind, but I never seem to find the time or inclination to just settle down and make it happen. We have so many friends that we just don’t see. We’re all busy. But I started thinking that instead of just spending every weekend alone, with family and with our best friends (which, don’t get me wrong, is pretty cool) I’d love to plan about 4 occasions, send out about 20 invitations and then tell our potential guests to select one party or all of them and come on over for some socializing. It would be an interesting and different mix each time! Let’s see…we could have a euchre night, a spring brunch for girls only, summer cocktails and snacks on the patio, Halloween themed pot luck, a holiday ornament swap and wine tasting...the possibilities are endless!   Would you like to be on included the guest list?

So, those are pretty simple goals, right?  Let's just see what happens. I'll keep you posted....


  1. I think your party ideas sound brilliant! Everyone is just sooo busy and time-poor that we forget to just basically enjoy ourselves. Hope you get this idea into action during 2013...

  2. Love your party idea - it sounds like so much fun. Enjoy lounging around planning your soirees in your new pjs :)

  3. Your party idea is fantastic, yes I would like to be on the guest list :)
    Can't wait to see your pajamas.

  4. We're always up for a party, and you are the best hosts!! I think you're right about losing our "sociability" - so bring it on!! Hopefully it will catch on with others!!

  5. Kettle bells and kettle corn should both be on the menu
    Pajamas? I love the look of silky but prefer the feel of knit. No doubt the silky will be more hanging out worthy.
    I think your party ideas are great - it's hard to find time to socialize and we should, it's good for us! I'm in (from a distance )

  6. I LOVE your party idea-- what fun! I have a hard time being social on the weekends. I'm outgoing and love people, but I'm so tired after my work week (and I usually have so many sewing projects lined up for the weekend, plus church, housecleaning, etc) that I don't have the ambition to host a get-together by the time the weekend rolls around. But your idea sounds low-stress and totally fun!

  7. I want some pjs!!!! I love the blue fabric you've got.

    Love your party idea too! I must do some inviting this year now that I am done with WEEKEND work.

    I would love to be on the list.

    Knit night would be fun during the superbowl....


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