Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday...best Christmas music and a little something I made

 Oh! It's Christmas Time and my Ipod is ready and loaded!  I couldn't resist today's Ten on Tuesday for the Best Christmas Music EVER! Brought to us by our good friend Carol, at Carol Knits.

1. "Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters"
2. Jewel: "Joy, A Holiday Collection"
3. Mary Stahl: "Mary Christmas"
4. Vince Guaraldi: "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
5. "Christmas Time with the Judds"
6. Ray Charles: "The Spirit of Christmas"
7. Amy Grant: "A Christmas Album"
8. Harry Connick, Jr.: "When my Heart Finds Christmas"
9. "James Taylor At Christmas"
10. Brooklyn Tabernacle: "Christmas at the Brooklyn Tabernacle"

So there you have it.
Last night, I made a wreath. For years I've wanted to do an ornament wreath like the ones by Georgia Peachez.
Then I found a tutorial posted on RetroRenovation blog, which details the technique that Suzy uses to make her fabulous ornament wreaths.

I have a massive collection of ornaments that I've gathered for the past twenty years. So I picked out some that I was willing to engage in hot glue and I made this:

It makes me smile.


  1. I'm glad you participated this week. I also love that Amy Grant album and the James Taylor one, too. Your wreath is beautiful and so colorful!

  2. Awesome list of songs...we have many in common!!!
    I LOVE your shiny wreath!!! God love a glue gun!

  3. Great list of songs, Christmas music is the best. I really like your wreath.

  4. Love your wreath! Great way to enjoy and appreciate those beautiful old and new ornaments.
    I've been listening to "peaceful Christmas" on Pandora, love the guitar and the piano....

  5. Pier ONe wants 39.99 for a wreath like yours!

  6. That is fabulous and makes me smile too! What a lovely wreath. Gonna check out that link.

    Love your favorite Christmas music. I need to find my Garth Brooks Christmas CD - it's one of my all time favorites. g

  7. Oh, that wreath is so fun! And thanks for the music suggestions! I already have several of those, but I think I need to download the Ray Charles album stat!

  8. What a great idea. We no longer put up a tree with ornaments, but I have lots of beautiful ones that I miss displaying.

  9. Ohhh, that wreath is so perfectly beautiful!


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