Sunday, December 9, 2012

I've never met a cinnamon bun that didn't make me happy

 JR left for Chicago this weekend to do some work for our Chicago kids. I am going to fly to Chicago the weekend before Christmas to meet up with JR and then do a marathon of Christmas from Chicago to Grand Rapids and finally home on Christmas Eve to hang with my kids.
It’s a good opportunity. I’m happy that he gets to spend that time with them, too. However it is a tragedy that our new tradition of JR making coffee and warming the weekend cinnamon buns then waking me up so we can eat them in the living room will not be happening. Trust me, nothing says love like a hot cup of coffee and a warm cinnamon bun served up by an adorable husband.

So, now I have to figure out how I’m going to spend my evenings with him being away at this “Most Wonderful Time of The Year.” I need a plan so that I don’t over-indulge in Cheetos or eat homemade Cinnamon Buns for dinner every night.

My girls here have graciously accepted my invitation for me to spend the night at their houses on a few nights…baking, watching Christmas movies with the kids, maybe eating homemade Cinnamon Buns. Baby Henry will celebrate his one year birthday, too. I will indulge in a few school Christmas concerts.

Five more sets of nighties for girls and dolls are on my list.

I would love to sew myself a new pair of pajamas. I’ve been wearing the same flannel pajama set printed with dogs and dog biscuits for years. I love them so much. But maybe It would be fun to find some cute flannel printed with Cinnamon Buns…or at the very least, donuts.

Actually, speaking of Cinnamon Buns, I do need to bake up several batches to share with the neighbors and work pals.

Want to know some of my very favorite Cinnamon Bun recipes?

The Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Buns with Maple Icing  You've got to trust me here. Your neighbors will offer to do all sorts of favors for you if you deliver these to their doors. I love this recipe. It's easy and fast and makes up a big old batch to share.

Cooks Country Ultimate Cinnamon Buns  Okay, it only makes eight. Eight of the plumpest pillowy brioche dough baked into giant love filled buns and topped with an enormous amount of cream cheese icing cinnamon buns that you will ever eat. This recipe is in the December/January 2009 "Cooks Country Magazine". And it's been in a few other of the Cooks Illustrated or American Test Kitchen Publications as well. You can also find the recipe on various blogs. I will not share my Ultimate Cinnamon Bun with anyone....I eat the whole thing by myself.


Neoma's Sweet Rolls. This is a recipe my mom has been making for years. And to be honest with you, I think that because it's what I remember, and what I know, they are my favorites. I made them for the fist time last winter. The dough is sweet. And they're best when, according to my mother, you "just put lots of butter and cinnamon on them before you roll them up. Oh, I don't know how much...alot. I always add raisins, too, because I like raisins."

Assorted members of my family would tell you that we secretly hope that my mom will make a batch of these and just drop them off at our house on a Saturday morning. 


  1. Well I passed by CINNABON today at the outdoor mall....silly silly me. Thanks for the recipes~
    have fun on your Winter Hoiday Whirlwind...

    YOu know you can ring me up when you are in town any time...
    Im working the weekends though until Jan5th

  2. Sounds like JR has a busy time ahead of him but very fun to be with family. You will get so much accomplished, sewing, crafting, painting and making cinnamon rolls. I have a recipe that uses a Jiffy yellow cake mix for the cinnamon rolls. They are pretty good and pretty quick.
    You need to make Pioneer Woman's yeast donuts - talk about delicious!

  3. Oh, wow... how delicious!! I really want a cinnamon roll now! I made the PW recipe once as gifts for all the people that work at my favorite neighborhood haunts and it really went over well! They're a lot of work, though, so lately I've been making coffee cakes as gifts-- no rising or kneading necessary. :)


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