Monday, December 3, 2012

red (read) all over...

One of my favorite blogs to read is Handmade by Carolyn…not only  because she makes really, really cool stuff, but because she has the most interesting outlook on life in general, and is always good for a chuckle or two. In recent posts, Carolyn has shared her thoughts on language translation..the good, the bad, the ugly and the humorous as it relates to writing and reading blogs.  In the most recent post on the subject, Carolyn opened up the dreaded spam comment box and gave us all a good laugh at the expense of those foreign spam translations.
I’ve gotta say, while I don’t get the novellas which to which Carolyn has been treated, I do get my share of vic*d*n, vi*g*ra and weight loss spams…which I try not to take too personally.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.
Carolyn bestowed upon me a “lovely blogger award” which has been  round about in many different forms and fashions over the years, but is no less capable of prompting a “Goodness gracious …who, me?” reaction. So, thank you Carolyn.

Now I have to share a little something about myself? I’ll just let you know what I did this weekend. How about that?

1.      I have encouraged my husband to start a new weekend tradition which involves him getting up before me, making coffee and Rhode’s frozen Cinnamon Buns and waking me up when the feast is ready. This is the second weekend. I think the tradition will stick.

2.      There was no thrifting/estate sale-ing/auction-ing this weekend. Instead, we finished a few furniture projects and delivered them to Patricia’s Back Barn.

3.      I finished up the Christmas decorating. I think the children are freaked out by the fact that part of my woodland inspired look, I put a $12 auction deer head over the mantle. And when I say “theme” I don’t want you to think too “theme-y.” More of a suggestion of a theme. (although that deer head does kind of  scream “woodland.”) Think birchbark candles. Pinecones, lots of greens and mercury glass and red vintage shiny brite ornaments.

Inspired by Miss Mustard Seed

4.      And slipcovers were made from dropcloths.

5.      Our friends Jon and Lisa came for dinner. You know when you have friends that you don’t get to see that often but when you do it seems like you just hung out with them yesterday? That’s Jon and Lisa We made homemade pizzas for dinner.  And Lisa brought dessert: chocolate pot de crème in little glass jars, which is SO Lisa, and so me. And SO delicious.

6.      I started working on six sets of nighties and matching doll dresses for a friend who commissioned me to make them for Christmas gifts. I makes me wish for my little girls again, and remember that I had the best big sister ever who made doll clothes for me when she learned how to sew.

7.      Sunday night dinner with my kids and their kids…a make your own Primanti Brothers sandwich feast and never enough grandbabies to go around.

We celebrated my son’s graduation from the department of corrections academy…now, he is a man in uniform, joining the ranks of those people that keep us safe every day. I am so proud of my family.
I know, I know….now comes the part where you have to recognize seven other bloggers. I can never decide to whom I should spread the love. I wish I could just share my entire Google Reader feed. Because the blogging community is a fantastic thing…and we are all worthy of recognition for even being willing to share what we do with each other. Seriously…to share our handmade triumphs and tragedies, and then photograph them to boot! To put ourselves out there for public opinion, and spammers…to sometimes share our most difficult words.
       So, to all of my best blogging buddies, I will say in the words of one of my favorite spammers:

“Yours are impressive  articles! Keep up the sunny handiwork!”


  1. The Xmas decorations look fantastic!
    I just received this award too...I was thinking of passing it onto you. Now it is too late! I feel the same way about awards, it's really difficult to know who to pass them onto. Everyone is so talented and supportive that it is hard to choose. And just to make it even trickier, some people prefer not to receive them.

  2. Aww the Stag over the fireplace is COOL!!!!!

    I want some of that chocolate dessert.

    I adore your blog and I am inspired by your sewing creativity and classy dressing.

    I loved having doll clothes that matched my own!
    What a cute thing for you to sew up this time of year

  3. Gorgeous decorations and matching nightgowns.

  4. Great to hear you are selling from Patricia's Barn. I was just there last week, it is only minutes from my home. In fact I used to run the back barn for a couple of years when it was the White linen barn. I hope you have great sales there, Patricia has some really unique treasures.

  5. Thank you so much for those kind words Lynnb, and it was lovely reading more about your gorgeous self!
    Awww, 6 nighties with matching doll's nighties? that is the cutest idea :)

  6. Love to see your refashioned items, great blog!

  7. Wow! What a wonderful and inspiring post. I just want you to come over and decorate my house! I really love the deer over the mantel - super cute.

    The nightgowns for little and doll and so cute. I know they will be loved for years. g

  8. I like your Xmas decorations, especially the dear head. We are headed to Pittsburgh (where I grew up) after Christmas and Primanti Bros is going to be one of our stops (DH and DS1 have already been there. It will be my only meal for the day.


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