Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yup, we were there last night!

Last Night, Nik Wallenda walked  a tightrope which spanned the US to Canadian Falls at Niagara.  I don’t know why, but I have been extremely giddy at the thought...totally caught up in the media coverage and excitement. My co-workers even left me a little Nik Wallenda in my office doorway yesterday! 

And I know, there was the controversy over the tether, but the fact that he would stand in a place over Niagara Falls where no-one has ever been before is an amazing feat in itself. So, after much convincing, I got my husband to drive us to the Falls, and then we biked onto Goat Island to watch with thousands of others on a Jumbo Tron. (we were not one of the 4,000 luck ones to get best seating on Terrapin Point)

The crowds were manageable and well-behaved (other than being called an ***hole once) there were no major incidents to distract from this historic event.

Maybe it’s the lure and legend of the Falls. Maybe it’s because it’s only minutes from where I live, but I LOVE Niagara Falls. It’s not uncommon for JR and I to spend an afternoon or evening there, walking the riverside, traipsing along with all the tourists on the paths along the river.

Getting as close to the spray as we can.

It is a place where we always feel humbled and small in the midst of the magnificence. Each visit brings  a new discovery, an AHHHH  moment. 

So, naturally, I craved being amidst all the excitement of this tightrope walk.

 And the most dangerous moment of the whole night? It occurred  when, as we were leaving last night, I  tried to pull a stunt of my own, weaving  in and out of the mass exodus. The bike tire caught, I went flying off onto the pavement.  When I went down, there was a collective sound that one might have heard from the crowd had Nik Wallenda himself  slipped on the tightrope! But people were kind, and I was able to get my bruised and battered self up off the ground and ride on....bloodied and aching, but SO glad that we were able to be there...a part of something pretty spectacular, if you ask me. Today? I'm not able to lift my arm over my head or hold a bag of groceries, but I'm about to go watch it on television once again, and know that anyone can do anything if they set their minds to it.


  1. How fun to be a part of the excitement last night! Sorry to hear about your accident. Ouch!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. That is so cool that you got to be there and I too am sorry to hear about your biking mishap. And what controversy over the tether? I watched two hours of TV prior to the walk and nowhere was a tether controversy mentioned.

  3. I've never been to your beautiful falls. I hope to some day.

    Heal and feel better soon!

  4. I watched it on television but I have to tell you, The Falls freaks me out. It's the height and the force of that water pulling me over with it! Shivers.
    Take care of your boo boo.

  5. I bet it was so fun to be a part of the event. Mike and I watched it on the DVR and it was amazing. I can't imagine being above those falls looking down. Sorry about the bike wreck, hope you heal quickly.

  6. Wow - how cool to have been there. There was a piece about it on our evening news. Hope your aches and pains are starting to feel better.

  7. What a fun thing to be able to be a part of. And anything said with Lego figures is better!

  8. How exciting! I watched, breathlessly, on television, half-envious that I could not be among the crowd beside the falls. ABC television insisted that he wear the tether, as they did not want millions of viewers to watch, should he have fallen. Thankfully, he did not. What an amazing feat. (Too bad that you did not have a bicycle tether -- hope you heal quickly.)

  9. You were THERE? Fireman made we watch it.....
    HOPE YOU Are well

  10. How exciting to have been there!
    Hope that your are feeling much, much better.
    I find the falls absolutely mesmerizing. I could stand for hours and watch that water fall. (preferably in a spot away from the crowds)


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