Monday, June 18, 2012

HotPatterns Plain and Simple Superfantastic Shirt!

I like to call it a pop-over.
I’ve made it once before, but this version is waaaaay better than my first version. Maybe it’s the collar and stand, maybe it’s my fabric, but I love it. And I can’t wait to make another one.

The style is easy, but there are a few special touches that make it a notch above in the style department.
1.       The collar and stand.
2.       The bust darts
3.       The side shaping.

So, it’s not boxy, and can be easily belted or worn loose.

The fabric is from the Joann’s Lisette line. Have you used any of it? It’s actually my favorite fabric line at the store. I tend to buy more of it than any other stuff from Joann’s because of the quality.  This particular fabric is a cotton sateen. But it has a wonderful drape and softness to it, making it perfect for this type of top. I didn’t have quite enough to do the long sleeve version or the collar stand facing, so I made my sleeves ¾, to roll up. And a used a cute contrast cotton for the facing. Besides, I like having that pink color next to my face.

I am a fan of HotPatterns.  This shirt has some really cool construction techniques for the placket front which pretty much guarantees a good result.  However… and this is a usual part of my review of Hot Patterns…. unless you are a more experienced seamstress, I think it would be challenging to work through the instructions as written. But I love Trudy’s You-tube videos and I’m always inspired to try some different techniques as well as style options with the patterns.

Oh, and my Superfantastic bargain of the day?

An Ott Lite with the bulb on clearance of  75% off! With an additional 10% off coupon, I brought her home for just over $26!


  1. I love this fabric and the blouse - so flattering. I think I like it loose best.

  2. This is a gorgeous top and you are so right about the Lisette fabric, good stuff. Also, great job on the Ott lite.

  3. Great summer shirt! The fabric does look lux. I do struggle with HP. When I "crack the code" I get awesome results, sadly, sometimes I never figure out what I am suppose to be doing, lol.

  4. What a fantastic summer blouse! You look great!

  5. Cute shirt! I love that it's fitted but casual. I love the Lisette line of fabrics and actually made my little girl a dress out of that exact fabric. That I have yet to blog even though it's been done for over a month. Then I went back and bought more for myself because it was such a dream to work with.

  6. Super cute shirt. The fabric print and the colors look so nice on you. I will have to check out that fabric line at JoAnn's. I hadn't noticed it before.

  7. once again
    Fun and

  8. That's a wonderful blouse! I love the lisette line of fabrics, they are fabulous. I also love the polka dot contrast you used. I bought that same fabric for a dress. g

  9. Gorgeous blouse. Love that colour on you. We can't get Lisette fabrics here in the UK. :-(

  10. It IS superfantastic indeed! What a great print and color on you, and the collar looks really sharp.

  11. Hi Neighbor!

    I love this pattern too, and your version is wonderful!

    ~Pam (in Alden)


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