Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrifters: Buried Alive

I am beginning to feel like a hoarder. Trying to find space for all of our thrifting finds, furniture makeovers and assorted other things that we’ll be selling at our show in July has been an increasing challenge…the basement, the guest room, the closets. There are stashes throughout the house. 

I think part of why I’m not sewing as much lately is that I just can’t concentrate on much more than preparing for this antique/flea show. But, I did another major closet clean out to share with my friends, so I've got a clear idea of some sewing projects to focus on.  I am sort of getting that  feeling of “less is more?”  Or quality is better than quantity? I’m not sure where I am with all that, except that if it doesn't fit, or doesn’t flatter, it needs to go.  That’s pretty much the way I’m handling  my surroundings these days, which could be another reason why it feels like the walls are closing in on me. 

(how adorable is that little iron bistro set?)
 I do know this…if we find that we like doing shows, we need to come up with some storage options or I will lose my ever-loving mind! My daughter just bought a 1930 house that has a basement and stand up attic that I would KILL for. I may have to see if she rents out space!

We've been Annie Sloaning it with quite a few pieces. Here's just a sampling of some things in various states of "done-ness."

(See this little stand? It's an old sewing cabinet, with the guts taken out, a shelf built on the inside and the flip top secured in place. It was a $5 find that will become a very cool side table with storage!)

                                                      (This is a little girl's old vanity table!)

(These two french style end tables have gotten a coat of gray paint)

So, you can see, if I'm not sewing, I'm painting. If I'm not painting, I'm thrifting. If I'm not thrifting, I'm sanding, and if I'm not sanding, I'm stacking and storing and re-stacking! I'm way behind on my blog reading, house-cleaning and napping.

And this weekend, I'm going camping...a nice little get-away where I won't have to do any of the above for two whole days...except the napping part!


  1. Oh I love how you are Re doing the furniture! love the white wash look. Very sharp. I think you'll have a great show!

    Cant wait for camping posts and pictures.

    we are looking for a new kitchen table...in time we'll find one we both like!

  2. Wow, you've got so many talents!!! Well I can definitely say you put your time to good use--even when not sewing:) I wish the best with your show and have fun camping!!!

  3. This is so exciting, seeing all of your finds. The chalk painted items look fantastic. I am with you on the, "if it doesn't fit or flatter" then good-bye. I have been doing some of that lately.

  4. I predict a very successful show/sale -- you do such wonderful work! But I would begin to feel the walls closing in, too.

  5. Now I feel awful, because I've been procrastinating about painting some shelves. You seem to just charge ahead with the makeovers. I should take note.

  6. Show? I have some catching up to do!!! Your projects look great!

  7. At least you have a plan for the stuff. I've got lots of stuff and can't get around to planning for its exit.

  8. I recognized many pieces. I must say that I would have loved to pack up more of your pieces and bring them home with me. It was so wonderful to meet a fellow blogger. I hope your first experience with the Port of Entry flea market was a success! Alaina

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