Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Me and my bright ideas

JR stopped by the bathroom this morning to give me the once-over and said, “you probably have a different outfit for every day of the year, don’t you?” 
I started pondering it, and yes, if I  think about good old-fashioned statistical combinations/permutations, I  could probably mathematically manage to have a different outfit for every day of the next few years...calculate accessories into those combinations and I'm scared!

So it goes with the creative mind. I envision it, I must execute it. Sometimes my head gets so full of ideas that I can’t possibly execute them all, even though I really, really want to. So while my closet is chock full,  I still think of things I want to sew…what would still make the perfect wardrobe. 

It's that way with just about everything...when I get a bright idea, I have to make it happen. But I can’t keep everything I create, so there is a constant pile of stuff that I share with friends or donate or sell. I guess that’s the only way I can manage it.

These days, I’m thinking home and garden stuff. Making slipcovers, painting, updating a room, re-doing furniture.  On some recent thrifting adventures, we picked up some very, very interesting lamps, and I immediately started imagining of ways to make them even more interesting and fun. And since I can’t keep them all,  I will enjoy them for a time, and then they will be sold, instead of collected. That way, I guess at least two people get to enjoy the creative process, right?

With these two vintage lamps, I removed the silk fabric from the shades. I love the architectural look that it creates. Then each was wrapped with something whimsical...the bust lamp got an equally scaled burlap bow around the lampshade's a fun juxtaposition of  smooth ceramic and rustic burlap. The second lamp is a delicate lady's lamp with a mirror and glass bottom. This frame got wrapped with some similarly delicate green wired silk flowers. 

This fun little elephant lamp only needed  a sweet vintage lampshade to top it off.

So, I wonder? How do you manage your creative mind and the abundance of stuff that results from it? You know what I’m talking about if you have this same affliction/gift.  Let’s discuss!


  1. hee hee... I always wanted to ask you how big your closet is, but didn't want to sound like a smart a**.

    What started for me with buying some beads to make myself some earrings or sewing myself a purse or two eventually lead to selling at craft shows! I'm taking a break from all that this year though and just concentrating on crafting for home and family.

  2. I am in *love* with that elephant lamp!!!

  3. You are so creative ! The Elephant remake is to die for!!! I LOVE HIM.

    I get creative about prizes boxes for my contests....and swaps
    Im serious. I love to think up things to send away!~

  4. Its very hard to manage my creative mind. I am constantly jumping from one craft to another to sewing... that I end up exhausting

    To top it off my guy loves to visit thrift shops and/or dumpster dive and we end up with a fair amount of gems. However at some point we realize we have to purge and family & friends are more than happy to relieve us of


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