Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teal, the color for Fall

One of the things I mentioned on Lori's Sew Forth Now Podcast was how I found a teal blouse at the thrift store and had intentions to modify it into a more fitted tunic.   According to Pantone, Teal is the color of Fall 2011. When I hear something like that, it sticks in my head, so of course, when I go thrifting, I'm thinking, "teal, teal' teal..."  And I'm also thinking that if it's a "color of the season," it may not be the color of next season, or ever again in the next few years, for that matter. I love a trend as much as the next person, but I'm not always so willing to spend much on something that may be a fleeting fancy.

This shirt was a no has nice lines, some interesting details, lovely drape, and it was big enough for me to play around with the shape.  I simply took in the sides, with just a big of shaping, and took in the width of the sleeve.

So, I wore it belted for work,  creating an outfit with that very current "block of color" to wear with a black ponte skirt that I made,

And as casual  over-sized  shirt  to wear with jeans and flats for running errands after dinner!

All for about $1.50 and 30 minutes of my time!

My blog friend Elizabeth commented on my last post, mentioning me finding time for blog reading ( I think she actually missed me commenting on her blog...ahem!), and I have to confess, I am terribly behind...I will have to add Blog Reading to my list of things to do!

And my sister Karen asked about the size of the Little Red Lunch measures 13" x 7 1/2" x 5". So make one, Karen, and go have a picnic someplace special!


  1. Cute tunic and great bargain. I really like the shoes you are wearing with the skirt.

  2. Cute blouse and I'm loving the how sexy it looks paired with a skirt and those cute booties!

  3. ROFL What, that wasn't a subtle hint?
    I love teal in any season, and what a bargain!
    As Victoria said, sexy outfit.
    I smile that Ms. Pug wants in on the second photo. Was there enough scraps for a little something for her?

  4. Great thrift shop find! You have made it look fabulous - I love it dressed up and worn more casually. And the colour is gorgeous - I really love teal!

  5. What a lovely remake! I'm always amazed at your thrift store finds. The teal colour suits you very well.

  6. he he he. I dont think of that as a fall color....but YOU make it gorgeous. I'd love a comment too my friend. COmments make the world go round

  7. Great colour and nice re-make! Had to laugh at your doggy sat at the door - So cute!

  8. I love teal!! It's a great color for you! How much "de-constructing" did you do before narrowing the sleeves & taking in the sides? You did a great job - as always!!

  9. I didn't get the memo about teal (and all medium blues, for that matter) being the 'it' color for fall. Seems that everyone at my daughter's wedding did get that memo, I have never seen so many blue dresses in my life? Beautiful color on you!


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