Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween that Wasn't

I was  off my game this Halloween….no dress-up, no black and orange striped tights for work, no party. I didn’t make one costume for my grandchildren. I almost bought Dum-Dum suckers to give away…versus not giving away anything.
Of course that means all day long, I’m trying to think of places I can go to in a hurry to find some sort of get-up so that at least I can scare the kids that come to our door for trick or treat. Meghan suggested that we could be scary enough by just declaring things like:
“Go away! There’s no candy here!”
“Quiet Down!”
“These lights are only for decoration…get off our porch!”

We really could be the meanest, scariest people in the neighborhood.

I expressed my disappointment to JR as I left for work yesterday morning…that we weren’t even going to be dressing up this year.
Who says?”
“Seriously? Were you thinking of something?” ( I was getting excited!)
"Yes…you can dress up as a nurse tonight.”
“Very funny, dear. I’ll pick up a set of scrubs later today.”
That’s not what I had in mind.”

Even at work, I was a little disappointed to see that no one really got into the Halloween spirit..other than the typically inappropriately dressed assistant, who of COURSE came in costume today. At least she was just dressed as a regular black house cat and saved us all from potential worse embarrassment. Several ladies wore their Quaker Factory Halloween sweatshirts…which was even more embarrassing than any misguided, unbefitting attempt at being a slinky, provocative  feline.

But, there’s hope. 
Later this week, we have an Employee Celebration Event to attend, where we are encouraged to dress representing our favorite decade. Well, that’s a no brainer for me…straight out of the Mad Men era for us. My only decision was what to wear! Will I dress Joan Holloway or Peggy Olsen or at-home-casual Betty Draper? There are so many possibilities with all of the current “vintage” patterns available.

Ultmately, I chose a casual look, which interestingly enough, is right on trend these days! I’ll share with you later in the week

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  1. The first Halloween I was on this mountain, I bought all sorts of wonderful candy...but no one came. Not one single soul. I should have known better. Guess who ate the candy!

    I have a neat giveaway on my blog right now - be sure to check it out! ;-)


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