Monday, October 24, 2011

Darker Side of Decorating

I'm slowly decorating my office…making it feel more like me.

JR made this narrow shelf/rack for me from a piece of molding I found on the roadside. He added some vintage glass knobs, and it makes a perfect display shelf for family photos..every day, I get to look up and see those precious faces of grandbabies. It makes me smile. It makes me happy.
Halloween décor is okay for the workplace, right? How could I resist? More than a few people creeped out  by the shadow of the giant spiders that hang in the window of my office as they enter the building.... I LOVE it!

This weekend was all about playing with creativity...

These eerie, crawly transfers are from the Martha Stewart craft collection. They sit in a vignette on my front porch, waiting for a reaction from the mailman. Oh, and the paper pennant garland hanging from  my office shelf? That's Martha, too.

I’ve  also been working on a few other pieces  for my office.
I am in love with anything vintage ephemera: old letters, ledger paper, library cards, photographs, greeting cards, recipes. name it.  I have a small collection that I’ve put together over the years…things that have been tucked away in auction lots,  bundles of old letters and photographs that were discarded by families, scrapbooks  that were long ago intended to hold special memories forever, that now are only a wee glimpse of someone’s past.  I make copies of these treasures and use them in special ways when the mood hits…I can’t bear to  get rid of something that shares a smidgen of a detail of lives long ago forgotten.


 After being inspired by  artwork ( seen in  a recent issue of Country Living  magazine),  I created my own versions that will hang in my office.

So, here's what I did:  Started with  frames from the thrift store, $1.49 each, and sprayed them black. Then I found some stock paper with vintage handwriting on it, and cut it to a narrower size to feed through my printer.  I printed a Rorschac inkblot that found online directly onto the scripted paper. I aged the paper, roughened the edges, and I got a couple of real conversation starters!

My second inspiration came from some work by  Janny Fraser I saw when Elizabeth and I visited a JordonVillage, Ontario art gallery.

Hmmm...I just wonder what Dr. Rorschach would say about me?


  1. Love your antique artwork! That's brilliant.

  2. Great decorating and how fun to do so much with your office.


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