Friday, April 22, 2011

Okay, how cute is this????


Can you even stand it?


Find the pattern here by Nicole Mallalieu.

Just last night, I finished up my jacket and threw it in the wash this morning for a washed and rumpled look. I'm so pleased with the results...other than the interfacing. Crud and a half, I used some stuff I had from Joann's and there you go...bubbles and ripples. So right away this morning, I placed my order with Pam at Fashion Sewing Supply so I will not be tempted to make that mistake again.

It reminds me that there are some very important things to ALWAYS remember when sewing:

1. Use the best interfacing possible. It's like buying the best bra makes everything else look good!

2. Make a muslin.

3. Press as you go ( thanks Mom!)

4. Try to have the insides look as good as the outsides. ( hmmm...I think there may be a life lesson there!)

So, after a good pressing, I'll take some pictures so you can see my incredible little twill Military Jacket!

I'm leaving work early today... to clean out my closet ( no, I would not consider that suffering for Jesus!) and to have some quiet time. Today is always a bit of a somber day as I reflect on how little I deserve to have this life of blessing, and how grateful I am for forgiveness.

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