Monday, April 25, 2011

Here it is...FINALLY!

Simplicity 2446 Amazing Fit jacket.


You can read most of my construction notes here. I am most pleased with this jacket. I can see myself making this pattern again and again, by changing the sleeve options or the shape of the lapel, etc. Because it's just such a good basic fit pattern.

I really had fun with this one...being inspired by a Cabi military-style jacket. I added lots of details...changed the sleeves to have cuffs, added the shoulder epaulets, faux welt breast pockets...


And another fun detail, satin stitch "stripes" on the lapels and the front of the jacket.


The military patch is a vintage WWII naval air-force patch. I was lucky enough to get it so I didn't have to use my blue painted patch from Joann's! I can see loading this up with clusters of decorative old pins . I think it could be really cute. I've worn it and washed it a couple of times, and I like that it gets more comfortable and rugged looking as it ages.

Next time I'm going to wear it over a soft floral dress...won't that be a contrast in themes??? Love it!

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