Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Decisions, decisions.

I'm really thinking switching my blog over to blogspot. I've noticed that overwhelmingly, most of the blogs I follow are using blogspot and I wonder if I should get on the bandwagon... because it's free, mostly. I've been so hesitant because when I took a little hiatus last summer, I lost quite a few readers. One of the reasons I've discovered is because bloglines wasn't picking up my feeds, which were all wonky. Now that that's straightened out, I'm still thinking of switching over..maybe a different look, a whole new attitude. Hey! that sounds like a mid-life crisis!

It's all a little scary, really. It's like giving up something....all those years worth of posts, mostly! So, I'm still trying to figure out how to save what I've already written, and then continue in a different venue. I'd welcome ANY tips, suggestions, pros and cons of your blog host, ANYTHING.

I've been making tops lately, and have a whole stack of them ready to sew. But first done:

Simplicity 2181


This is a great top. It's flattering, good on it's own or as a layer under a cardigan or jacket.

I got right at it one afternoon and by after dinner, it was's that easy. The interesting thing is, I really didn't know how on earth to do a FBA with this pattern because of the way that it is constructed, so I just cut an 18 and hoped for the best. As it turned out, it gave me plenty of room through the bust and a nice fit in the bodice. The only adjustment I had to make was replacing the fabric loop in the front with a tie so that I could accomodate my boobage. AND it worked out okay. .

It's hard to see that front loop detail, but it's there..


Next time around, though, I think I would do a FBA now that I understand the construction of this top. I'm actually thinking of making another one...tonight.

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