Friday, February 18, 2011

Updated denim...a few quick projects .

I have oodles of denim jackets...I love denim, and I'm not quite sure how it's possible that denim can be a neutral, look good on virtually anyone, and come in so many varieties.

So, I was thinking about some crazy faux fur which came off of something that I got a while back at the thtift store, and some rhinestone buttons, and I was thinking about one of my jackets. I decided it needed an update.


After finding this tutorial on the Collette pattern website, I decided to make a faux fur detatchable collar for my denim jacket. I changed the fabric loops to elastic loops.

IMG_6942 IMG_6945

IMG_6948 IMG_6947

I really like it!


And project number two:

The Denim shirt jacket.

IMG_6935 IMG_6937

I started with McCalls 5433, and started modifying.

I added: flap pockets, a curved hem and sleeve tabs.


It's been washed several times after construction, so it's nice and soft. Ready for layering with long sleeves now, and a cute striped tee for Spring.


And that's how you update denim!

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