Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've been cold all week. It's been very wintry, windy, snowy and frigid here, and the cold just seems to go right through you. I'm glad on days like this there are ways to warm up on the inside, even though I'm wearing double layers of pajamas every night.

We got to say goodbye to friends today, who at their midlife, have had an unexpected career change and are moving from Buffalo to Texas. With lots of hugs and good wishes, we said our goodbyes and arranged to pick up two wonderful potted Alberta Spruces, which were gifts from them. I like the idea that as we transition into our next stage of life, the friendship of Denise and Jessie and will travel with us with those potted trees.


It's been a good few days for knitting big warm projects, too. I'm finished with Lady Eleanor, and she's ready for blocking, and I have yet another project started which I'm designing...a fringed, ribbed and cabled vest...sure to be a lap-warmer as I work along on it.


And, a new puppy will always warm my heart. Our neighbors have a baby boxer that I am in love with. I get to snuggle him most days in the afternoon, after I take him for a walk. Nothing like puppy love after an icy outdoor walk.

Downsize ( taken with my puppy=blurry photo!)

It continues to be comfort food season. This week, I made The Pioneer Woman's Mac and Cheese. By far, my all time favorite mac and cheee EVER. I've always made it pretty much the same way as Ree's recipe, but the addition of dry mustard and the egg in the white sauce seemed to take it over the top. I used a full pound of cheese...half Velveeta and half sharp cheddar...

IMG_6840 IMG_6841
IMG_6842 IMG_6843

So, while it's cold outside, who can complain when you get to eat mac and cheese, knit, and enjoy friends and puppies.

And if you want to knit up something warm,snuggly and easy, try one of my free scarf patterns in the sidebar!

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