Monday, February 21, 2011

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IMG_7000 The Kitchen Project Continues!

Cabinets sanded, primed and painted. And yesterday, the countertop came off. Which leaves me without a kitchen sink for a few days. (everything but the kitchen sink! Ba dum.) That's how I've been trying to live in my kitchen...doing dishes in the basement laundry tubs, prepping out of boxes, and even rinsing leeks in the bathroom sink.

Because I had to make the Pioneer Woman's Potato Leek Pizza. Tonight. Even though my house is in utter disarray.

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Who would have ever imagined potatoes on a pizza? Good Gracious, this pizza was amazing. It's the first time I've ever cooked with leeks, or used goat cheese...and my daughter will be happy to know I followed the recipe exactly, and she was right.

And even though it was rather interesting trying to prepare homemade dough without countertops, it was well worth the adventure.

IMG_7007 You can find the recipehere.

I was really happy to get out of bed this morning. I love those days...everything seems right within, even though there is turmoil and discombobulation going on in the world...and even a little in my own world. But it is a good day.

I'm working on another baby gift for a friend. This sweater is a free pattern by Martin Storey.


Even in the midst of chaos, I found harmony today. Thank you, Potato Leek Pizza. Thank you, Baby Stripy Cardigan. Thank you, New Morning...because by the very orderliness of your rising, you brought peace to my life today.

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