Thursday, February 2, 2012

I need a little color in my l life on these gray days of Winter. What is it about so many of us that instead of our clothes being an expression of our vibrant and cheerful personalities, we tend to wear black, gray, black and gray-black?  I find that so interesting. Personally, I love color! I am a colorful girl who has any number of interests, moods and aspects to my being.  So why all this blah? Why am I always sucked into the big black hole of fashion? 
Are we just playing it safe? Are we really that afraid of color?
Is it because it just doesn't require thinking or planning? It's easy to wear black?
Is it our only idea of “classic?”
Do we think it makes us look thin?
Younger? Actually, I read somewhere that when women over 40 wear black, it sucks the color from their fragile and delicate aging complexions! Oh, great.

The last three garments I’ve made are gray…what does that say about me? Well, at least it’s a step up from black, right?

I've been wondering if maybe, just maybe, it's not the grayness of the world that's influencing my color choices (or lack thereof) but maybe, just maybe, I could make my world a little bit happier of a place to be if I would just choose  some color!
Pantone Spring 2012

Pantone Spring 2012 by lbrundage featuring floral scarves

How about you? Do you wear a lot of black? How do you wear color in your wardrobe?


  1. I wear black almost everyday - at work (accompanied by white or grey) - exciting aren't I? I know that I look better with a shot of colour, though I rarely wear it at work...summer often brings out the brighter colours...I need to find some more colour to integrate into my work wardrobe...sometime...hmmmmm!

  2. I wear a neutral colour - black, brown, navy or cream with colours or prints. I rarely wear all black as I don`t think it suits me and makes me feel too sombre as well. I wear all colours even though they may not suit me as I haven`t done one of thoses colour courses . I do think black or dark skirts/ pants make me feel slimmer though .I think grey is a great neutral though - it seems to match just about every other colour and neutral as well.

  3. There is a lot of black and grey out there. It's almost depressing to watch people on the street. I like my neutrals and I like my colours. It all depends on my mood (or what's left that's clean). Neutrals are easy, because fewer pieces can be mixed up for more looks - at least that's the theory.

  4. Neutrals are decidedly lacking in my wardrobe. There's no room in there with all that color: I have not one, but two electric blue skirts -- and shirts that range across the rainbow. An amethyst velvet jacket... an orange winter coat... red patent leather dress shoes... My mother was so excited when I finally caved and bought a black top!

  5. I try to wear color, black makes me have very dark circles under my eyes. I also have been putting more color in my home.

  6. I have several black skirts in various lengths and fabrics and one black suit. Usually pair a bright color with them. My favorite basic color is navy rather than black and if left to my own devices, I'd probably wear a lot more of it. However, at this time I only have one navy winter skirt although I have several navy summer outfits. I also have a number of things in green, various shades and styles. The one thing I consciously do is wear red -- at least a top but an entire outfit if I can -- on rainy days.

  7. I'm sewing more and more black clothes these days. It suits me no matter what colour my hair currently is!

  8. I have a lot of neutrals because I feel they are good sounding boards for colour accents.
    I am a winter palette naturally and look a bit off in warm colours.
    I almost always wear red on a rainy day.

  9. I "look" better in the jewel tones for sure but I do like to wear black as well. I also enjoy wearing gray. These days on the mountain, I'm wearing mostly jeans and a warm tee or sweater! ;-)


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