Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart Valentine's Day

Well, you could never tell by what I wore today that I really do like Valentine's Day….I wore a festive gray dress with black tights...well, I did manage to throw on a pair of red earrings.

Everyone else in the office was all decked out….every form of red or pink or hearts.  I should have tried harder, I know, but it was all I could do this morning to get out of my red dog print flannel pajamas and into the shower.

I love the idea of love.
From my vintage Valentine collection
I love that there is always enough of it to go around.
my favorite Fossil necklace
I love that  we can express it in so many ways.
from my collection
I love that it can be eternal. And unconditional. And unconventional.

I love pink.

and I love red.

I love hearts.

Sofia and I made Valentine “tup-takes”  to celebrate our love... or rather, her love of frosting.

My husband picked me up today to take me to lunch.
He says the real Valentine is coming later… I say,  "is it the same thing you gave me for Christmas and for our anniversary and my birthday and your birthday?"

My next project is going to be a red jacket and I am excited. I think it will be lined with something outrageous like bright pink or polka-dots.


Happy Valentine's Day...I hope yours was filled with love, a little surprise, and shared with someone special.


  1. So was it the same thing he always gives you? What might that be?
    I love tup-takes....

  2. I made cupcakes with my grandbabies over the weekend and i never eat them. Their fingers (four of them) are all over the batter, the frosting and I can't imagine it. I make them wash their hands good but you know how it is, they get down play with the dog get into stuff and come back. I always send them all home for mom it is her turn to enjoy them.
    I know that present! I get the same one for every holiday. Good thing I am not tired of it after twenty five years!!

  3. Very nice bracelet. My daughter made tup-cakes too and she brought them to school for her friends (thank goodness) Otherwise, not acknowledged in our household.

  4. Such pretty pictures of Valentines and the necklace is gorgeous. So same thing or something new? Mine was the same!

  5. You must get the same gift that my dad gives my mom for every special occasion!!! (And I am a 54 year old woman, so what does that say about my parents?)

  6. Oh, "tup takes." How adorable! May I borrow that? We still eat "cacoos" at my house instead of "cookies," for the last 20 years or so.


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