Friday, February 10, 2012

Day Dreams and Night Dreams

I spent a good part of the day Friday in my office doing reports which allowed me to daydream. And entire day of daydreaming…how indulgent!

I’m thinking of some things that I want to make and do for our home.
One of my favorite blogs ever is  From Gardeners to Bergers, who just recently did a post on Map Art for your home.

I, too am crazy about the Restoration Hardware giant map art. I want one for over my bed, like this one:

Vintage London Map
Then I was lucky enough to find a tutorial here

But found some actual poster sized vintage maps with This Ebay Seller.

Vintage Paris Map

I love that look.  We may even use that map theme on a wall in our Scotty. Maybe. So while I may never get to London or Paris, I can certainly dream about it.

The Painted Hive

I confess I could sew through the entire Collette Sewing Handbook. And I confess I would give my teeth for a copy of Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing 1952…and sew my way through that, too. On that subject, I've been eyeing up Gertie's blog for awhile...she has a lot to say about this book!

So, what else? JR and I have been finding and re-working some really cool pieces to sell at a show in July. For many, many years, I traveled to retail shows selling my vintage re-pro cloth dolls and folk dolls and we sort of miss that venue…it was always fun getting ready, loading up, unpacking, setting up and packing up again, and unloading again…just kidding..that part Was Not  Fun, but I always got the biggest kick out of traveling to new places, meeting people and selling the things I loved to someone that I knew would also love them. It was an awesome creative outlet… I got to do the creating and , BONUS, made money at the same time!   So, after being inspired by our many visits to re-sale shops and flea markets and antique fairs over the years, we decided to take the plunge and do a show in July.  I’m excited. The hunt for stuff is always a blast and re-selling it will be even better!

I have a million ideas and never enough time to execute them.  My sewing and knitting pile grows, and I can’t seem to get busy with it. I think it’s because I have had a bad experience with a really bad piece of fabric this week…I’m trying to chalk it up as a muslin, and as a perfect opportunity to tweak the fit on a blouse, but dang, it’s bugging me. I think because it was a pain in the neck pattern lay-out and cut-out and the fact I am doing it all over again has moved my motivation arrow far to the left of the dial.

But I am making progress.

Where do you dream of going? What do you dream of doing?


  1. The show you and JR are working towards, sounds so fun. I am with you on sewing, I am working on the fur vest, so not me. Going to finish it and then give it away on my blog. Hope you feel like sewing soon.

  2. Who has enough time for all the projects?
    I like the subway art posters seen everywhere and want to do the family tree version - have you seen those?
    Have fun collecting for your sale.
    I think newly restored Scotty needs to be driven straight north, don't you?


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