Monday, February 27, 2012

Covering my Nook

Well, my husband is skiing in Utah for the week. I decided not to go, so I get to have the house to myself, sew and knit all I want, watch “Steel Magnolias” and “Gone with the Wind”  and eat sauerkraut if I want to.
Actually, I did little this weekend but do a bit of thrifing,  which prompted me to  re-organize the fireplace bookcases to add my new stuff, all  while I colored my hair.

Oh, I also made a cover for my Nook.

Isn’t it cute? I used a pattern from this Etsy seller, and made some modifications. Of Course. Always trying to build a better mousetrap, right?

The first thing I did was  to use Peltex instead of fleece so that the cover was sturdy…think Amy Butler bag sturdy. (by the way, I had more than enough fabric left over from my AB Weekend Travel Bag )

And I changed the closure. I was looking for a sleeker, slim-line cover, which meant no buttons, or bow ties or fancy stuff. After playing  around with the idea of a magnetic closure, I didn’t think that I could find a strong enough magnet for my liking….at least  I couldn’t find one that day.   Then I  ultimately decided on an elastic closure. A nice fat color-coordinated elastic was just the trick. It slips around the entire case, holding it closed and compact. So it slides right into my bag. Perfect.

And then I did some grocery shopping, ate frozen pizza for dinner, watched the Oscars, and then slept fitfully and sporadically through the night.
I miss my husband.


  1. Beautiful cover for your nook, hope you slept better last night!

  2. Nice little cover.
    Is anything in the above bookcase new, or are you keeping us in suspense with your thrift finds?


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