Thursday, April 25, 2013

Red is for Rhonda

My best friend’s name is Rhonda. She loves me even though she pretty much knows every bit of me…she has seen me embarrass myself, she has hugged me through the ugly cry, and she knows my secrets. She has prayed with me and for me, she encourages me, and she is an incredible listener. Rhonda is the absolute opposite of me in so many ways, which makes me admire and desire her thoughtful, gracious and sensible ways. She knows me. Which is why, I’m sure, as a Christmas gift, she gave me a gift card for fabric. When I saw the poppy red wool, there was no question in my mind that it would become a coat…a coat in Rhonda’s favorite color. I think of her every time I work on it, and I will remember her every time I wear it.  Three yards of poppy red wool, an idea for a retro style coat, the discovery of Burda 7072 and a Pantone Color Contest on Pattern Review and the lightbulb went on.

So my adventure is underway and even though I’ve been inching along on this coat, I have really enjoyed sewing it every step of the way.
I’ve enjoyed constructing the confluence of seams that make up the underarm and side panels …. marking, pinning, pressing.

I’ve enjoyed doing the buttonholes…I decided on three bound buttonholes, which, when completed, came together pretty flawlessly.

I've enjoyed shaping that collar, trimming the seams, basting it in place, and appreciating how this simple coat needed the perfect simple collar.
I have even enjoyed lining my coat, and making the magic of a bagged lining happen.
(The lining is African Violet….another Pantone Spring 2013 color choice)
The buttons are covered…like plump little poppy red tomatoes.
The companion to this coat will be a shift dress… a riotous mix of Poppy Red, African Violet, Tender Shoots and Dusk Blue and Nectarine…how much fun will that be?
Oh, the interfacing? I had to really work the interfacing, since I had so little left from my last Fashion Sewing Supply order. Actually, this little pile is all that’s left now. Time to call Pam…she really does have the best interfacing.
So even though the temperatures are climbing into the sixties, I am still excited about sewing my coat. And maybe even wearing it on some chilly mornings and evenings. After all, it’s still Spring in these parts.

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  1. Rhonda sounds like a once in a lifetime friend! TFS

  2. And what a thoughtful friend are you too Lynne! I know your friend will truly love this coat..

  3. What a fabulous friend, just as you are, Lynne. The coat looks fabulous and wow, impressive buttonholes! Can't wait to see the entire outfit.

  4. She's a true BFF. I hope to see the coat soon. It's great to see it coming togehter with such joy.

  5. Wow! What a wonderful gift! This looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it!

  6. Love the Rhonda tribute!!!
    Love the coat...I'll take one thanks

  7. Those two fabrics look really lovely together! So sweet of your friend to give you a fabric voucher, she really knows you well! Those buttonholes are perfection :)


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