Saturday, November 10, 2012

re-fashion contest at Pattern Review: my plan

Sometimes, I wonder where my head is. With holidays coming, and always a million and one things to do, I decided to take a job sewing six sets of matching girls’ and dolls’ nightgowns for a co-worker. But honestly, I’m a wee bit excited about it, because they are adorable, easy to sew and an opportunity for me to be creative and add some additional cuteness to each set. It also doesn't hurt that I’m getting paid well to do this job!

But first, I have yards and yards of draperies to alter for my girl….which is also, in a weird way, a very relaxing and fun thing for me to do.

And, as if I needed to put any more pressure of a deadline on myself: I have entered the Pattern Review Re-Fashion Contest.

I LOVE upcycling, re-designing, making something wonderful from something cast-off. While I haven’t done much of that lately, I have done several re-style projects in the last few years. So, my eyes have been pealed for the perfect parts to make a mixed media jacket. And earlier this week, I hit the jackpot of thrift finds:

A Jacket and fur collar,

a ribbed knit sweater,

and I will also be using a purchased piece of faux leather.

I’m really getting excited to see how it will all come together.

So a few nights ago,  I put my seam ripper to use and de-constructed that jacket, leaving as much of the lining intact as I could.

It's a mystery as to what will become of all this! It's like I had all the pieces, and I knew they would work together, but I just couldn't picture the final composition.  I really hadn't had the complete plan worked out until today while I was getting a massage....that's when it all came together in my noggin.

Of course, cleaning had to be put on hold. Painting projects got pushed aside. There were sandwiches for dinner instead of chicken and biscuits and homemade applesauce.

There was no reason to stress about my jacket....I knew I would formulate a strategy. I just needed  the right atmosphere and a relaxed mind...another  reason why massage is an important thing in life.

Stay tuned!


  1. You are a busy lady with several fun projects. Can't wait to see all of them.

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