Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a thankful confession

Am I thankful?

Not always, I confess.

Getting caught up in the day to day world of work and more work, wants and desires, keeping up with keeping up, and trying to find three more hours in a day can sometimes suck the thankfulness out of me and I have to hit pause, rewind, and begin a conscious recognition of all that I have and how little I really need.

While I long to have more meaningful relationships with family and friends, I pause to remember that I already have many of them that are covered in love, healing, honesty, forgiveness and joy…and I’m thankful for that.

When I feel lonely or forgotten, or sorry for myself, I pause to remember that I need to reach out to others and share what I have with those that are discouraged, alone or without hope.

I think on the blessings of grandbabies and the hope of their future.

I think on the moments of Life Sharing just in the last week….an idea, a tearful confession, a special found gift, an offering for a cause for which I may never witness the result, a song, a story, a book, a paintbrush. A phonecall, a text, a hug, silent moments. Vanilla from the pantry of a neighbor, God’s love, a surprise, the support of friends. A kind word and a full belly. A comfortable home.

Not a bad life for someone who can forget that from time to time.

I hope your week is filled with opportunities to remember blessings large and small


  1. Lovely truthful and inspirational thoughts - thankyou .

  2. Wonderful post, Lynne. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

  3. You are so honest Lynne~!

    Thanks for the reminder to me, to be honest and stop the pettiness that creeps in some days

  4. What profound words! Amen! Praying you had a wonderful Thanksgiving *hugs*


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