Monday, November 26, 2012

painting projects and sewing a sweater

Well, this has been about the nicest Thanksgiving weekend ever. Being with family, eating what was decisively voted the best meal we have ever eaten...and by the way, who knew Rebecca could make such incredible pies!

While I know many people struggle with holiday time ( have you ever had Thanksgivings that were served up with side dishes of resentment, bitterness and loneliness?)  I was happy to be happy with the day as it was.

So what's leftover?  A zip-lock sandwich bag full of turkey and thoughts of winter and Christmas ahead.

JR and I have been spending LOTS of time working our business, which has involved hunting for treasures,

these little auction finds are for keeps!       
restoring and repainting, and doing lots of custom work. It's been good and satisfying...the kind of thing we love doing together. But that means the weekends are pretty busy, and some weeknights, too.  We've been fortunate to have developed a comfortable relationship with a shop owner who is moving our pieces out almost as fast as we can finish them...which is a blessing and a curse at the same time!
So, here's a few examples of what we've been up to:

Well last night, I just had to sew something. Don't you get that urge when you haven't connected with your machine in several days? It's like we have this co-dependent relationship or something. At least I'm pretty certain my machine can't live with out me, either. SO, I like wearing leggings on the weekend. Leggings and boots and.....whatever.

and every weekend, I struggle to find something with appropriate length and warmth for this time of year. I like the idea of sweater tunics, but good gravy...are they all chunky and short sleeved with huge cowl necklines???? And, I certainly can't do the shorter top thing with leggings...on no.  I need something long sleeved...and that covers my butt, and would play nicely with the vests I like to wear for an outer layer.

I have shopped around for weeks. Then I remembered Renfrew. I love the fit, I love the style. And I started thinking about how I could change up that pattern to make it tunic length. I just happened to have a sweater knit in my stash, too. So after years of hand-knitting my sweaters, I actually sewed one!

This is just the best solution ever! My modifications? Added 4" to the length, narrowed the sleeves. And since I didn't have enough fabric to cut two of the cowl pieces, I used just one and finished the edge with my serger. I like it this way, actually...not as much bulk.

And tonight, I'm fixing to sew up another one with a ponte print. My sewing machine and I are happy once again.

Remember to go vote for your favorite re-fashion project on Pattern Review! The voting ends 11/29 and I must confess, I'm secretly yearning for those prizes from Threads Magazine!


  1. I love the pieces you have painted and updated. I will take #1 and #3, please! LOL. Your Renfrow turned tunic is gorgeous, a pattern I need to add to my collection. You look very fashionable and always so pretty. Have fund sewing another one.

  2. Cute!! I love this! I have a feeling there's a Renfrew dress in the cards for me soon, too. :)

  3. Oh you look great in it. Please come and help hopeless!

  4. Great Renfrew. It's so versatile.

  5. You have superb taste, I love all those pieces of furniture, particularly the ivory ones.
    And I REALLY love the new longline tunic top.... gorgeous!! I would live in something like this all winter :)

  6. Enjoyed this wonderful post with my morning coffee. Your creativity always amazes me!

  7. Lynneb, I have passed on to you the One Lovely Blog award, if you would like the button it is here

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