Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Switching gears...

And before you know it, it’s time to change seasons!
I am pondering along the lines of a little knit wardrobe capsule using some of the new fabrics I’ve gotten.

This is one of my favorite things to do..to work out some separates using the fabrics I have. Sketching out the plan, laying out the fabrics, deciding what will work together, and work back to what's in my closet.

So here's the plan:

1. Lace knit peplum top and a black ponte peplum top

 Or this one:  Ann Taylor Power Peplum 

2.This knit jacket from royal blue ponte.

3. And a yellow knit pencil skirt.

4. A gray menswear suiting shift dress.

6. Menswear suiting ankle trousers.

The next two items are outside this colorbox. But I feel like I've got to do them.

Given my new found Shift Love, I just may have to switch to a ponte for my next one! Maybe with a little color blocked action going on before we drift out of that trend. And the perfect pattern? Has to be Vogue 1313.

And I’m thinking camel and charcoal. What do you think?
Vogue 8827

So, we'll be adding  a couple of basics, a few bright colors, and a tiny bit of trend for the early fall.

I do love a good sewing plan. What will you be sewing?


  1. Ooh! I love all these patterns and ideas! Your fall wardrobe is going to be FAB! I'm a pretty loose planner (since I never stick to my plans- ha!), but I'm hoping to stretch myself a little and make both trousers and a jacket. :)

  2. Wonderful choices! I do love those peplum tops.

  3. Great choices! I never have a plan. Note to self: Make a plan!

  4. I like all your sketches, patterns and fabric choices. You are so "Cabi" with the yellow pencil skirt. I really like the last two dresses, too. Can't wait to see them all!

  5. You have a spectacular sewing plan!!! And your sketches are really good! Can't wait to see the finished pieces!!!

  6. Ill be knitting and watching YOU!!! I love your plans Lynne


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