Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Extolling the virtues of Pro-Weft Interfacing

A second shift dress peek. And oh, yes, this one is a winner!

A few years ago, JR and I were the fortunate recipients of a complete set of iron patio furniture with cushions, that had been on a neighbor's enclosed porch since the sixties. It was in perfect condition. Because I knew the fabric would never last in the sun, I have always had the project in mind to recover those cushions...not only to preserve them, but to cover that less than desirable pastel floral print.

 Over the years, the fabric has indeed faded and has started to deteriorate, so after a serious sale+coupon at Fabric.com, I bought fifteen yards of Kiwi Solarium fabric.

Now, back to the deteriorating fabric...one of the seat backs had shredded pretty badly (aided by dear Birdie, who, while I was lounging on the chaise one morning, was making a chew toy of that cushion) I needed to create a muslin cover for the cushion so that I could then cover it in the Solarium fabric.

I keep all my interfacing and muslin in the same drawer. First mistake. Lesson learned. I reached in for a length of muslin and pulled out a piece that felt pretty nice....it had a sturdy hand, but was lightweight and for the life of me, I couldn't remember where I may have picked up that fabric..probably a clearance bin length for doing a muslin, no doubt.

I cut out the pattern, sewed up the cover and slip stitched it all in place

and then ,while I was cleaning up the scraps,  I noticed this:

That's right. I had just slip-covered my cushion with Pam's fabulous Pro-Woven Standard Light Interfacing!
Now, I have used Pam's Fashion Sewing Supply  interfacing for all of my garment sewing, and I love the Pro-woven for collars and cuffs. But now, I have found one more fantastic use!  It makes a very nice foundation garment for my cushion!

But, now, I'm low on my Pro-Weft Interfacing. Poor Me...I will have to place another order soon!


  1. The cushions look great. I am sure Pam will be happy to add this to her list of uses. Can't wait to see your dress.

  2. It goes perfectly with your garden. I am IN LOVE with the fabric of your sheath dress. Any chance you bought it recently online?

  3. May I reserve that lounge chair for my nap this afternoon???

  4. Whoops! It looks great though, really fabulous!


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