Friday, September 21, 2012

because a sewing kit is a very important thing to have

I am having a give-away. A cute little sewing kit give-away at the end of this post.  And it goes like this:

Write a report, review some files, develop a database, fix a shoe.

Because when a lady is only partway through her day, and you have two more meetings to attend, you have GOT to get that shoe fixed.
And lucky for my co-worker, I happened to have a sewing kit in my bag. So, I stitched up her broken elastic just fine enough to hold until she can get it repaired properly. Her only request was that she could make it through the work day, and then make it through the grocery store on the way home!

Do you keep a sewing kit in your bag? When have you had to use it?

This little travel kit is made up of notions that came from this summer's auctions and estate sales...

I made it myself.

I will probably never make another one. I made it just because.

It's filled with all the things you need in a sewing emergency (or a shoe emergency). There  is a little place for scissors.

There is a tiny container of assorted buttons and a thimble.

There is a little box full of tiny spools of thread.

And a place for pins, needles and snaps.

And it all rolls up into a compact little kit to put in your purse or your desk.
 And I want one of you to have it.

Leave a comment before Friday September,28th at midnight and I will draw a name. I will send you this little custom sewing kit that I created with my own  hands...for your own hands.

Perhaps it will  bring with it the joy of past seamstresses, tucked away in time, tucked away in your handbag or desk.


  1. I always keep a little sewing kit in my purse. I must say I've saved the day a number of times (Mostly through distributing safety pins but still!)
    It's a sweet little kit. As I said I have one, so no need to enter me.

  2. Coming out from under my lurker rock...
    I don't have one, and this one is gorgeous! Please enter me in the drawing! :)

  3. How wonderful! So many times I've needed a sewing kit at the office and I have no idea why I haven't gotten one yet!! I'd love to have it!

  4. Yo! Does this count?

  5. OH Man I "D LOVE to win that prize. What a darling emergency fix it kit! I think mine currently consists of straight pins, and a needle with an eye to tiny to actually thread...and a thimble.... thats It!

  6. What a gorgeous sewing kit! You have done a lovely job with it. Don't you want to keep it? I did use to keep a needle and thread in my drawer at work (needles wrapped in a scrap, threads, a button and a couple of safety pins in an old film canister) but when I changed jobs it migrated to my spongebag. Must re-equip at work! I live in New Zealand and you probably don't want to bother with international post, but I hope someone treasures this.

  7. I'm afraid I don't keep a sewing kit at work (but teach Home Ec, so fixes are always possible!). It's a gorgeous kit, count me in the draw!

  8. Your blog warms my heart! I would love to win your little sewing kit. I would treasure it and enjoy it. Beth D (I can't seem to post a comment under my google identity).

  9. I LOVE it! I do not have a sewing kit for my purse or office and would love to win it! Shae C (cant get the google to work?)

  10. I do keep a sewing kit in my desk at work and have used it many times even sewing my bosses jacket button back on before an important meeting.

  11. Super cute sewing kit!!!! Please enter me into the drawing:)

  12. Well, I do not have a sewing kit in my purse and I should. Your kit is darling and I would love, love, love to win it. Thanks, Lynne.

  13. I just read where Sofia Vergara busted her zipper on Emmy night. I thought of you and your sewing kit! My 4-H daughter brings a fix-it basket to the state fashion revue for last minute fashion emergencies for all the entrants. Beth D (I still can't post with my google identity, I'll try my wordpress blog name that is for my private blog).

  14. Oh, Lynne!! Put me in the drawing for the sewing kit. It is adorable!

  15. I have a little sewing kit from a fancy schmancy hotel I stayed at in New York City a long, long time ago.

  16. Looks lovely. I admire your skills!

  17. I always keep a spool of thread and needle at my desk. it would be lovely to have a kit I can take everywhere though.

  18. that is too should write out the directions for those of us that don't win.

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