Friday, August 5, 2011

Sofia and her Thrifted Dress

Happy Birthday, Sofia! Two years old, has a mind of her own, already loves lipstick and purses, Woody and Buzz, can count to ten and knows her alphabet ... and does not like the song "Happy Birthday." I love her so.

And I've been hit with the trifting bug again. Sof is wearing a little dress I made after one of this weeks' thrifting adventures. It started like this:
A flannel shirt, cut off at the underarm, and adjusted for length. This shirt happens to be flannel. Sof will wear this as a jumper for fall. Perhaps with a black tee and some leggings...we'll see what she decides.

A pattern for the bodice, and a coordinating cotton fabric from the stash (you could certainly use any toddler bodice pattern you have laying around. I happened to sort of make one up from a pajama pattern).

Next? Sew up the bodice. This one is lined in solid black.
Gather the skirt section to fit.
Attach the skirt to the bodice.
Then the fun begins.

With a coordinating black dot cotton, I cut a piece 6" x 45", folded it in half and stitched the sash. It's pleated and attached at the side seams, and tied in a knot in the back.

On the front, I added a store bought pin back embellishment:

And completed? A very cute little dress, which cost me all of about $5 to make, including the price of the shirt.

for my cute little Sofia. Happy Birthday, Sof!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sofia. Lynne, that is a darling dress. Great jo.

  2. That really is super adorable! Hard to believe it began as a thrifted shirt. Happy birthday to sweet Sofia.

  3. Sofia is so cute in her Birthday dress! Love reading about all the refashioning that bloggers are doing.....I need a trip to the thrift store!

  4. her own designer!! she is so lucky. and adorable..

  5. Super super super super cute. I just love it. I want a little girl to sew for!!!

  6. so cute!! and great idea!


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