Thursday, August 18, 2011

A $2.50 Striped Knit Maxi and a $10 Color!

No, you do not need to adjust your set. Or your bi-focals. What you see in the following photo is a woman of desperation, and, well, one who likes to save money.
My stylist is having a problem pregnancy, so she's not seeing any clients for who knows how long. But she was kind enough to share my color recipe, along with a good dose of encouragement and her blessings...affirming that I could do it myself.

And so, since I cut JR's hair every 4 weeks, I figured turn-around was fair play.

The best part of the story is that I got to go back to my previous stylist, who had moved to NYC, but now comes home every month to cut hair for selected clients. Mike was able to give me one of his fabulous cuts, and while I was in the chair, said, "did you color your own hair?"
I said, "sort of. actually JR did it."
To which Mike responded, " Well, he did a #$%@##$! good job!"
Now I have my own personal stylist and personal colorist! And I get to sleep with one of them as a freebie!

You know, I've really been noticing the long striped maxi trend this summer. And liking it. I was seriously thinking of buying some striped jersey ( but seriously thinking that I cannot buy any more fabric for a Long Time).
Then, I came across a dress at the thrift store.
( I was supposed to insert a picture of the "before" here. I think I deleted it.) The dress had a much higher neckline, and needed a bit of shaping at the side seams. But I had a feeling I could make it work.

After scooping out the neck and re-ribbing it in a solid ( I actually cut the the hem off of a thrifted tee shirt...sewed it right side together with the wrong side of the neck edge, then turned it to the outside...topstitched with two rows.

Pleased as can be! I wore it last weekend to Sofia's birthday party and got the thumbs up from both of my daughters....which is a pretty big deal, in my world.

Not bad for $2.50 and an hour's work!

JR and I spent last Saturday browsing some local antique malls that we had never been to before. At the last and favorite spot, we met Patricia, with whom I instantly fell in love. We hit it off in a big way, and honestly, when I grow up, I want to have a store just like Patricia's White Linen Mercantile. We struck up conversation about our shared love of vintage, eclectic style, and about my sewing and JR's carpentry. We were excited to discuss what may be a delightful business relationship in the future! I'll keep you posted!

Anyway, enough of that. My big purchase last weekend? A $2.00 pot which now happily holds fresh basil on my kitchen counter.

Tomorrow, we are going away for a weekend in the Thousand Islands with some friends. I am so looking forward to the road trip, leaving the week behind, mile by mile...with only relaxation, euchre and margueritas for the next few days at Black Lake!

Hope you get to have a nap, enjoy family, and make someone smile this weekend.


  1. Way to go, JR, you are so multi-talented! :). Great makeover on the dress, you look fab-u-lous, Lynne. Sounds like you could have a great business venture coming up, fingers crossed for you. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Great job on the dress makeover - it looks beautiful - very cool and classic and perfect for casual summer wear!

  3. The dress looks wonderful! You do manage to find the most amazing things.
    Hang on to that colourist - he's worth his weight in gold!

  4. Black lake sounds wonderful. Great hair !! JR rocks.

    YOu look so sassy in that dress! Love it

  5. Lynne, you look so wonderful in everything you make (or make over).

    A new business relationship... how exciting! I hope it works out.

  6. That JR is one talented guy. Open minded and a good sport. How many husbands would consent to color their wife's hair and have his picture taken performing the act. I've tried keeping basil in the kitchen but after a while gnats seem to pop up out of nowhere.

  7. Great thrift store fine and refashion. It looks wonderful on you. I think I'll ask my DH if he would color my hair for me just to see what he will say, because I can't even imagine....


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