Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've got the blues.

Last week, my mom picked blueberries. I love that she brought them to me. I love that she was thinking of me when she picked them. So I made Lemon Blueberry Bread, because I just happened to have a few lemons in the house. The recipe was a. maze. ing. Really. And the loaves were so pretty! You can make it, too. ...get the recipe from our good friends at Taste of Home.

Well, I found out that I cannot wear denim to work. Not jeans, not denim skirts, not a denim ball gown, not a denim jacket. And I can't imagine not going the week without wearing a denim jacket. After all, I have a serious collection started....from the white one on the left, to the darkest denim on the right, I counted ten. Ten denim jackets. They just work with everything.

Now what am I supposed to do? Well, it is the self-proclaimed year of the jacket for me, so I started evaluating my stash and patterns. Next up, to finish out the summer will have to be this
Vogue 8692. Earlier in the year, I scored some Vera white stretch sateen . I saw one on someone's blog somewhere at some time and thought I couldn't live without it, even though it's a more advanced pattern.
Then I was thinking about knit dresses, and what might be fast and easy and cute and blue:

Butterick 4789. The pattern has been around for awhile, and since I have already figured out the FBA for this type of twist top style, I guess I'll go for it! How hard could it be?

I guess my only issue with the twist tops that I've already made ( New Look 6940...I don't think I've ever shown you that top!), is figuring out how to raise the neckline. It's a stumbling block for me. I wonder if I'm just going to have to wear a cami with it? If anyone has any suggestions on modifying the neckline on this pattern, let me know! I'm thinking of taking up the shoulder seams and then scooping out the arm hole maybe? I'll have to fiddle with it and see what I can come up with!

Happy day to you tomorrow!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your new wardrobe :) Don't mess too much with the neckline....Find some wide lace (or fabric with a bit of bling)and just sew it where you need it. I've done that to some store-bought items...easy, cheap solution.

  2. Bread looks amazing....
    you know i love the book Blueberries for Sal, right?

  3. Don't raise the neckline- add a modesty panel that attaches at the armsyce. It's what most of the Burda patterns do.

  4. Finally "attached myself" over here!
    Aren't you glad that you sew? How would you deal with such a change in direction of wardrobe if you didn't?

  5. Have you seen those modesty panels in the commercials that just snap around your bra strap and voila, A cami look without the cami!

  6. Wow, no denim, that is incredible. Can't wait to see what you created

  7. I feel your pain! Not only are we not allowed to wear anything denim but in June the "powers that be" at my workplace decided that if we wear a skirt or dress we have to wear pantyhose! And it was 109 degrees here this week! What were they thinking!!!

    Looking forward to hearing about your new job.

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