Tuesday, October 8, 2013

thrifting for current trends

If you think that you can't find current trends at the local thrift store, I say...nonsense! I know thrifting can sometimes land you a big fat zero, but then there are other weeks where it's a jackpot.
What do I do?
I frequent my favorite spots several times a week...usually during my lunch break. When you walk into a thrift store, all of those racks and racks of stuff can be a little overwhelming...Where do you start? What do you look for?

I always keep in mind color or textile that I want. Usually based on what's trending in fashion. I don't mind dropping a twenty dollar bill for the latest runway mania, which I know will last only a season or two at most. It enables me to have some fun with the trend without a major impact on my clothing budget. Or sewing time.

For example, the last few weeks, I walked into the thrift store thinking  COLOR and TEXTURE and PATTERN:

Gray, oxblood, leather, lace, menswear (plaid, jacquard)

This helps me to tune out all the other stuff. And it really does keep me focused. When I'm scanning through racks of crap, lace and oxblood really stand out if that's what I'm looking for.

So, some of my favorite recent finds…

These menswear slim plaid pants with a slouchy gray/beige sweater

This gray cardigan which I embellished with a wide sequin trim that I purchased at the fabric store (a la marc Jacobs).

A menswear print midi skirt

 a fabulous burgundy lace skirt and moto jacket.

I also found a great vintage big coat . But I was loosing my light, so I'll have to share that later.
Thrifting is such a blast...and you may be very, very surprised at what you will find.


  1. Wow, you have amazing thrift stores. I love all of it, especially the lace skirt and leather jacket. I might have to see what my local thrift stores have to offer. Nice job on the trim, too. One more thing, you look fantastic, great job on the fitness plan and weight loss.

  2. I regularly find new and nearly-new items that were evidently thrifted because a button fell off. Nine times out of ten the missing button is in one of the pockets of the blouse, or jacket, or trousers, or dress, or skirt -- or there's a spare sewn onto a side seam. I can pick up beautiful things for $3-5 and the only alteration I need is to reattach the button. Makes it hard to pass some some great buys that are the wrong color, texture, or fabrication ... but someone else needs to find a great bargain, too.

  3. Great finds! I also keep an eye out for purses with leather straps and hardware that are in good shape to repurpose when making my own bags.

  4. I do a lot of thrifting, especially for casual tops, but your finds are fabulous (or maybe it's just because you are looking fabulous yourself:)

  5. I've been waiting patiently to see that gray sweater, and it was worth the wait! Love your thrifted style, Lynne :-)

  6. You look amazing! Love that lace skirt. g

  7. I'll take the gorgeous jacket...thanks

  8. Great finds! We have less options here, but I still enjoy the hunt.

  9. Congrats on losing weight! You look fabulous. Loving all your new clothes, you have the best creativity.
    Would love to get your posts by email.


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