Thursday, October 3, 2013

a hint of things to come

Well, here it is...another week later!

Something about the change of seasons gets me totally motivated to start sewing again. I have to confess, I've been in a sewing hole for nearly the entire summer, prompted by knee surgery, weight loss and the shop opening. But mostly the weight loss.

Now that I have that under control, I feel like I can start to look at new sizes and get with the program! A pile of projects awaits. But I have to confess, part of the delay in me getting on with them is a little bit of anxiety over the new size...and delving into fitting, new muslins, etc. I sort of feel like I'm starting over.

After a slew of hobo bags I designed and made to sell at a show,

And some major thrifting for interpreting the current trends:

I finally worked up a luxe sweatshirt for myself.

Lots of details to come!

Until then, we're off for a weekend in the mountains to sleep in a tent and have some chipmunk and raccoon encounters!


  1. You have been busy with several projects. I cannot wait to see that luxe sweatshirt on you. Have fun camping

  2. Love the bags - hope you kept 1 (or 2) for yourself ... J

  3. Those bags are great. (Bags are my weakness.) Hope you had a great time camping. It's a great time of year for it!

  4. Your not alone...I have to do all new muslins and figure out all new sizing too for the same reason. I have not been sewing either. I finally worked up the courage and made a skirt. Even after making a muslin I had to make several major adjusments on the actual skirt when sewing with the fashion fabric because of the change in the weight of the fabric. Its tough to change sizes when you were used to dressing a certain way and also sewing a certain way and had all your muslins ;) good luck and I'm glad your starting to sew again. It took me a while to get started. Love your bags. Have fun camping!

  5. awww the hobo bags are really charming. Have fun camping, enjoy the fires for me

  6. Great combo of fabrics on your hobo bags. I bet that once you get a new garment fitted in your lovely new size, your sewing mojo will return. A great new pattern always helps. ;) Have some great R&R camping!


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