Friday, October 25, 2013

this and that

To sum up the week? This and that.  Painting continues...creating cool stuff for ellen j goods. By the way, I finally started the ellen j goods blog. In it's infancy, but will be more home and vintage lifestyle related posts. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

Yesterday morning, on my way to work, I actually stopped on a bridge, much to my fellow commuters’ dismay, I’m sure. I just had to capture this  glorious “Good Morning World!" moment.

Last night, I had a bag full of alterations to do. I really, really don’t like doing them, even for someone else who is paying me. I've found that no matter how careful I am, it just looks like an alteration to me. Removing a waistband, taking in seams, re-finishing seams, re-attaching the waistband, top-stitching. Ugh. I’m sure with more practice and certainly with more passion, my skill would improve, but I’m really not into making this a career.

I have to remember too that most of these customers are not looking at the alteration with a critical seamstress eye.

Speaking of stitches, is this not the MOST adorable Halloween necklace ever??? It's made by Kerri, at Weirdly Cute and Unique Jewelry.  Not surprisingly, she's closed up shop to fill her orders right now. I really think Augie needs one. He wants to be a zombie for Halloween this year.

Are you making any Halloween costumes this year? I have one request… Augie wants to be a cute zombie..who carries a cute zombie, which I am knitting. By the way, when did zombies get to be cute?

And I made another in the hobo bag series, inspired by my girls... The Amelia Bag. Here's a peek:

Here's to an inspiring, productive and relaxing weekend ahead! I hope you find special moments in your day!


  1. love the stitches necklace!! Great idea. Glad to hear your shop venture is going well!!!!! I will check out the blog Lynne

  2. That necklace is so great, love the sunrise picture, good luck on all the alterations (not my cup of tea). Zombie knitted doll - way to go and fabulous news on the shop. So happy for you and JR

  3. I like the hobo bag. Too cute!

    As for the link you provided, it takes me to another page to send an email via Outlook. Is this what you intended?

  4. I am always pinning bag patterns and plan to make a few for Christmas. Looks like I need to go to the thrift store and grab some belts! Love it!


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