Thursday, February 7, 2013

can you wear green?

Emerald Green: the color of the year.

I've never been one to wear green. Except when I was a little girl. Because I was born on St. Patrick’s Day, I would often wear a green dress on my birthday (my favorite aunt Millie would buy me a pretty green something on some of those early birthdays).

So, then, back in the eighties, I had my colors done (remember "Color Me Beautiful?") which confirmed that I really don’t look good in green.

But I love green. My house is full of green. My gardens are alive with green of every shade imaginable. How could such a vibrant and alive color make me look washed out and dead?

That being said, I never give much thought to wearing green on places of my body that don’t come in contact with my face. Like, a bag, pants, shoes, a skirt?

Here is my  inspiration for the season…It's all about the Michael Kors. To be honest with you , I am FREAKING OUT over this collection.  Take a few minutes to watch the Spring 2013 Runway Show. I don't know why...maybe it's the boldness, the simplicity, the fresh new take on some classic shapes and patterns. Oh my gosh, I am crazy about it. There are rugby stripes.

What???? Stop the show! Green rugby stripes? Well then.

                            And  so, here is what I'm working on. Right now. And I AM SO excited.

This is going to be such a cool fun skirt. I can't wait to finish it this weekend!

And, let’s not forget that we can commit to do green in 2013 by adding more of it to our diets:
my favorite roasted brussels sprouts with pancetta
asparagus and gruyere on puff pastry
                                     That’s a win/win combination of green if you ask me.


  1. Where did you find the beautiful green rugby stripes?

    will you share your recipes? They look fabulous. We love brussel sprouts in our family! g

  2. That skirt is going to be fabulous. I too wonder where you bought the fabric.

  3. I love emerald green, and recently bought a bow-front top in this great colour. It doesn't hurt that I am named after St Patrick either! Also love your green stripe fabric, and would have some in a heartbeat if I could get it!

  4. I love emerald green...but...I have a little ASD girl in my class this year who just has complete meltdowns at the mere thought of green! Going to be a long year of no green for me...

  5. My husband made that asparagus recipe and it was a huge hit! I thin k I need to whip up a green ensemble to wear if he makes more.

  6. I am also one who cannot wear green. But I love your idea of wearing it as a skirt. And your skirt is turning out SO cute. Love it!

    I also fall into the "black trap". So much of my work wardrobe it black. I have vowed to make more colorful clothes this year, and get out of my black "uniform" rut.

  7. Kelly ripa is wearing Emerald Green this morning...a very pretty green silk blouse...

    I love the asparagus puff pastry...I should try that

  8. And my local news anchor is wearing green today!

  9. These rugby stripes are so cool! Thanks for sharing! Your skirt is going to be way cute!

  10. Love all the green and the skirt is just lovely. Walking today, I listened to an older podcast - Sew Forth Now - and had to visit your blog. It's great!

  11. Depends on the green. Springy green, OK. Kelly green I'd rather eat.

  12. I wear a very small amount of green, but only because it's a top in a teal and blue print.

    I steam my brussels sprouts while slow-cooking bacon, to which I add butter and copped onions, then stir into the steamed (then quartered) sprouts.


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