Thursday, February 7, 2013

a little sunshine and brightness please?

Ugh..its February in the North. I can have a tendancy to go into a black and gray mode... maybe it's Seasonal Affective Disorder or something, but I find I am less energetic, more likely to nap. Less likely to be adventurous, more likely to stay indoors and veg. I crave bright days but find that I fall into a rut of dullness. Does that happen to you? My clothes don't feel right, my makeup doesn't feel right, and I certainly don't have the sunniest of dispositions.

This morning, I was getting ready for work and had a whole black suit thing layed out...I sort of had to chuckle to myself when I opened the drawer for a tee and saw this:
I need to snap out of it!

A few nights ago, I drug myself up from watching episodes of Downton Abbey and made up another Renfrew from some Michael Miller cotton interlock that I've had since last summer. Lovely, lovely knit. I've made Renfrew a lot.

I am wearing it to work today. But now that I see the photos, I'm thinking I need to shorten the length and the sleeves...hmmm.

But for today, it will work just fine with a broken up suit and a pair of bright pants and necklace. So much fresher than the all black ensemble that my mood dictated this morning. I feel better already!


  1. That drawer of all black is just too funny! I really like your outfit, some color for this last winter month. Today is a half day for work, since I have been home, I have done nothing! So we are in the same boat.

  2. Your t-shirt drawer looks like mine.LOL Love your necklace too! Outfit looks great - sometimes I have to think outside the box or I end up in black pants, black shirt too.

  3. I think you look great in your colorful outfit! Shut that drawer full of black!

  4. Awwww. It is going to get better! The spring will come....and we will all feel so much better.
    Love your blue pants...
    and your smile is great. Fake it till you make it!

  5. Kathy B is so right - some days it's all about faking it. I've have been lucky that we have had a bright, bright sunshiny February so far.

    Love how the outfit turned around. You look ah-mazing dahling! g

  6. Have you heard of Dressing Your Truth? It's a system to find your natural style. I didn't buy the book or program but pretty much figured it out for myself and just verified that I was dressing perfectly "my way" and that it was "my truth."
    I think that you always look great in your photos but perhaps you would like to know why things work or don't.
    Thanks for sharing your creations and outfits.


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