Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pillows, Nay. New top, Yea.

You know how it is when you have one thing in mind and you end up doing something completely different?
Tonight's project was going to be fall pillows.
I had a some great remnant pieces, leftover leopard print piping,
and some cable knit sweaters.

But somehow, in my mind, I wasn't seeing them all come together to work in two different rooms. So maybe another day.

Instead, I went in a Completely Different Direction, because I am a girl, and I have a million ideas in my head, and I'm allowed to change my mind.

I cut out  Vogue 1275  a few days ago from a rayon spandex knit that I found last year at a crazy low price...I think the piece cost $5.00. I didn't have quite enough yardage, so I worked on the layout, pinning and re-pinning for about 45 minutes until I finally cut. The short yardage resulted in me not doing the ruching on the sleeves, which is okay by me.

Let me tell you something. This is the first Sandra Betzina pattern that I have made, and she sure knows how to make a girl feel good. There was SO much wearing ease, I ended up going down two sizes from my bust measurement and even then, I had to take in some seams. I know I haven't lost that much weight!

I'm on the fence about this one. Is it flattering? I don't know. I wonder if I should have turned the pattern the other way on my fabric to make the print  more vertically oriented.

JR thinks it looks good.

After trying it on again and again, I ended up taking up some of the gathers through the bodice by running two rows of elastic thread smack down the middle of the center piece. It breaks up the horizontal-ness of the print, across my bust-line, I think. It also made the neckline more sweetheart-ish.

The concept is a good one, but I'm not sure this one works for me. More than likely, I will probably wear it layered under a jacket or cardi. But for today, it's my work outfit and I'll see how I feel about it by the end of the day.

Maybe in a solid color? And maybe I'll make pillows tomorrow. Because tomorrow is another day.


  1. I like your top. I have several pieces of fabric to make throw pillows, but I, too, would rather make clothes!

  2. I like your top, too. The changes you made are good ones, so wear your cute top with pride! Pillows tomorrow? I made some last week for me and for Erin's house. What is it about new pillows, an easy update for any room.

  3. You always look fabulous!

  4. I wish I could make those pillows. I love the cabled start.....
    Your top is awesome. Tomorrow, thank God Is always another day.

  5. This top is very flattering on you. I really like the fabric that you chose.


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