Monday, November 28, 2011

Interpreting Anthropologie

After my visit to Anthropologie, and after trying on the Framework blouse, and after examining it very carefully,  I changed up from the sheer fabric that I thought I was going to use to a rayon print that I found at Joann’s from the April Johnston ( For Project Runway) collection.  Love the drape, loved the print. Actually, it’s quite a nice fabric. And the original blouse is rayon. So there.

By the way,  do you remember April Johnston? I think she was that really young designer, if memory serves me well.

Anyway, I was inspired by the Framework Blouse, and I used McCall’s  as my base pattern.
It required very little adjustment, really.  So, here’s what I did:

First, I combined the upper back piece with the lower back piece to make one back.
I cut and sewed two long ties.

The original blouse had princess seams in the lower front and in the back.  So instead of gathers, I took in the excess fabric with some deep darts which went all the way to the hem, and inserted the finished ties into the back darts…just like the Anthro top.

For the bodice, instead of gathers, I pleated the fabric under the bustline to fit. Just like the Anthro top.

The original top had a zipper in the side seam for a closer fit, but I didn’t want to fuss with that, and made it semi-fitted so that it could go over my head.

The Anthro top had a scandalously plunging neckline, so I made sure that my neckline would be work appropriate.

And completed..I think I achieved the look I wanted. Love it layered under a jacket for work, and it will be really cute on its own as a summer top, too.


  1. Lovely blouse! The whole outfit looks great.

  2. Very cute top, I have been checking out April's fabric at Joann's, it is quite nice.

  3. Ooh, Lynne, super cute little top! LOVE that fabric. Do you ever find that rayon pills something awful? I am wondering if I wash it the wrong way...

  4. What a great top - I really like the way you've used the Anthro top for inspiration but have adjusted it to suit you.

  5. Yours is better than the anthro top! Still cute, but much more wearable.

  6. really really cute....amazing how you can work with that print and make it look great even at the seams!

  7. It's clear you like this style of top. I think this is at least the third one you've made this year. Of them all, I think I like the print in this one best.

  8. Cute blouse and it really does look great worn under the jacket, which I would have never thought of doing. I keep Anthropologie catalogues for inspiration, and try to stay out of the store which is located about 1.4 mile from my home.

  9. I love this top on you! What McCalls pattern did you use for this?

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