Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh, my goodness. Breathe.

Starting a new job, I have had a thousand and one things on my mind, which leaves me this past week just concentrating on getting up in the morning, getting dressed and putting on makeup, going to work and then coming home. Come to think of it, the "going to work" part of the day is where 996 of the things on my mind are!

It's never easy being the new girl in town, especially where you don't speak the office language! So much of this week has been getting a sense of the company and who does what, and trying not to suggest new ways of doing things quite yet! But it's all good, and I'm so happy to be back part of a team, doing something to make a business successful. Oh, and did I mention, it's all women?

Before Utah, I had finished a long put aside knit project. Put aside the past few years, actually. Lady Eleanor is a wrap from Pam Allen's Scarf Style ( remember that?) which many of us had fallen in love with . I think I started it in 2005! But it was a delight to wrap my fingers around the entrelac and that beautiful Noro Silk Garden yarn once again. So many times, I had wondered if I should rip it out, but then I couldn't imagine that yarn being used on any other thing than entrelac...inches and inches and feet and feet of entrelac.

Lady Eleanor

Image 7202

I used ten skeins of Noro Silk Garden.

Image 7131

Noro Silk Garden can feel a bit rough in texture, but I have to tell you that after a gentle wash and blocking, this is the softest wrap EVER!

In fact, it's the perfect thing for a snowy and blustery March weekend.

Image 7201

I am really, really hoping that tomorrow I can work on a sewing project. It would be just the thing to help me unwind!

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