Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Sewing Dreams

Thanks for all of your comments on the Mad Men dress! I have actually entered it into the
Pattern Review Vintage Contest, my first ever Pattern Review Contest. ( Thanks Carolyn, for the heads up!)
So pop on over and vote for your favorite starting April 17th! And just maybe it will be mine!

I am woefully neglect in my Spring Wardrobe Basics Sew Along. I have every intention of doing that shirt dress (see the end of this post) and some jeans. I've never made jeans, actually. So since I have some skinnies already, I'm thinking of trying some trouser style jeans....such as these:

Butterick 5682

And that shirtdress...seriously.

My mind has been all over the place as far as sewing. I've put together a few color stories:

 And trying to decide in which direction to go.  My  leaning is toward the  royal blue/red line, but then I change my mind about every other day. 

I guess I get to do that, right? I have the fabric, I have the time, and I get to make whatever I want. I was totally sidetracked this week by wanting a print trench style coat for Spring. Without that classic "trench coat" styling. So, of course, I shopped the RTW,

Kate Spade

Fell in love with these Kate Spade designs...
Kate Spade

And shopped my stash for the perfect black and white floral sateen.

)oh, that cobalt blue? those will be ankle pants. I'm so excited.)   I've cut out the jacket  and I'm on my way. The pattern I'm using is Burda Style 7360.

I think using such a bold print calls for a less fussy trench. And, I don't do well with fussy and double breasted and all those extras. I LOVE the lines of this pattern. It has such a sleek look to it.

Let's see...I'm pretty much dying to make some tops from my Renfrew pattern:

And the search is on for the perfect fabric to make a shirt dress. I'm almost thinking of using some black eyelet that I've had for years....

Similar, from another source

What do you think? Would it translate well into a shirt dress?  How would you suggest lining it, if at all? Your thoughts? Your ideas?


  1. I for one think the eyelet will make a gorgeous shirtdress. The fabric for your trench is amazing, I can't wait to see it. You have some great plans for your wardrobe, can't wait to see it.

  2. Loving the eyelet for the shirtwaist. They did a great version at Lands End in navy. Check it out

  3. I think it would work as a shirt dress....with a white belt?? ROLL UP CUFF SLEEVES.. I SAY the roll up part in white....

  4. The eyelet would work for a style with simple lines, I think. The sateen you picked for the trench coat is great!

  5. your sewing plans are delicious.
    Your vintage dress is amazing - you have my vote !Good luck.

  6. I just want to know how you fit it all in. Work, wife, home, sewing, knitting - I'm lucky if I get the first three accomplished.

    I love the plans and I have some lace very similar to that - that wants to be a sheath dress, but a shirt dress would be wonderful too! What if you didn't line it and just wore a pretty slip dress under to change the color options?



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