Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Black Dress

The Black Dress is another of our  Basic Wardrobe Sew-Along Pieces.

It is classic, chic, simple, elegant, casual, special, everyday, versatile, and essential. Historians say that  Coco Chanel gave birth to this classic  in the 1920's and it has been a wardrobe staple ever since.
Of course we all remember Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's, who wore her simple black dress so well that she became an icon of the LBD ever since!

While I won't bore you with a long list of patterns and fabrics, I can say this... practically any pattern you choose can become your black dress. Your pattern plus your fabric choice is essential in determining whether your black dress is for casual or dressy....or both! 
photo thanks to  Tori's Misadventures

Black dresses are my go-to's when nothing else seems to work. I have a few black cotton knit dresses that I can wear with a bright cardi or denim jacket for work or weekend. I have a few dressier versions in linen and cotton/silk that I have made and they have served me well both  at work and weekend OR for special occasions.
If you select a simple style made from a fine fabric, your dress can easily cover all your dress bases.

So I say, have fun. Use your imagination. and tell me about your favorite black dress! 


  1. I'm quickly learning the value of more than one LBD. Just finished 2nd LBD....1 is black silk dupioni and 1 is black ponte knit. Oh, the possibilities!

  2. Great post on the LBD, your Polyvore image gave me an idea on my possibilities. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for a great post. I currently own 2 LBDs and my favorite is Butterick 5147 which I embellished with grommets along the midriff.

  4. I always thought it was Lilly Langtry who introduced the concept of the "little black dress." Live and learn, I suppose. I rarely get the chance to go anywhere that needs something so formal even as a black dress, so there is not one lurking in my closet at present.

  5. Mine is a nightgown that is a little velvet black dress. Fireman bought it for me for Christmas years ago

  6. I love the little green flats. I love shoes with color! I have one black sweater dress that I've worn in fall both years I've been pregnant...if I find myself in a similar state this year, I will definitely be thinking about how to make it more interesting. I clearly have missed it's potential in my closet.

  7. You can never go wrong with a chic little black dress. You polyvore examples are simply stunning! Thank you for so much inspiration!


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