Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I need a crockpot

Well here it is Tuesday. And I’m going to make dinner two nights in a row.

Somewhere drifting in the back of my jam-packed mind are memories of baking and cooking for my husband. I think I used to do that. I’m sure I’ve shared the recipes here, along with tempting photographs of my best attempts at buttermilk biscuits and homemade soup and grilled veggies and apple crostada and pot de crème. In fact, it wasn't that long ago that I made a loaf of bread every week!


I think I used to have a life!

At least more of a balanced life. But these past months, with hours at the shop on weekends, and preparing all week for the weekends, I have seriously put my home life on the back burner.

Bad wife…baaaaaddddd wife.

And do you know that I happened to be married to a guy that doesn’t complain? That’s how awesome he is.

So, while I haven’t been sewing much for myself, and I haven’t been fussing with my own decorating, and I’m woefully behind in blog reading and I let too many weeks go between haircuts, I am most sorry about the fact that I haven’t been making dinner for us.

I think I need a new crockpot. And some ideas for easy quick dinners.

Can you help a girl come back to some important balance in her life?

 (image: Anne Taintor)


  1. Hi Lynn:
    I feel your pain! Hope things get a little smoother for you. Check out the blog, "Dinner a Love Story" - http://www.dinneralovestory.com/ there's some great recipes there. Hope this helps,

  2. Lynn, I have one word...Pinterest. really.

    1. I second. I've found so many new family favorites there.

  3. Oh my gosh, I can so relate! I used to love cooking and put a lot of thought into making nice meals, but as my work hours have increased so dramatically, I don't think I've made anything more complicated than Kraft mac & cheese for a looooong time (we eat way too much takeout). You've inspired me to dig out my crockpot and come up with a couple of meals! I like to make Italian beef in my crockpot, when I do use it-- round roast, Italian seasoning, beef broth (thinned out with water), and a jar of pepperoncinis in juice. Delicious!

  4. Lately I've just had to make time to cook. When my boys were in their teen years, we stopped eating out, Even carry out. They needed too much food, and the cost was prohibitive! The best meals are the simplest. A lot of meals can be made in a half-hour. Browned chicken breasts with steamed vegies. Easy and fast. One of my favorites, fast & easy: Brown some (seasoned to your taste) chicken breasts, add chopped onions to pan, saute, add some quick brown rice, Kikkoman soy sauce, thinly-sliced carrots and chopped garlic, put in enough water for the rice, put the lid on let steam. 15-20 min later it's ready. Add a vegie side (nuke some froz peas, or even canned something). Voile easy meal. There's nothing wrong with using canned foods, either. I like canned beans...Black beans with Kielbasi or beef sausage over rice and a dark yellow vegie like winter squash or sweet potatoes, is a Family Favorite, here. Pasta with meat sauce (canned for us) and a salad is Very Fast. There's nothing like crock-pot stew or chili.

  5. I posted crockpot recipes ALL month in October -- check them out here ..http://apronista.com/category/kitchen/ SUCH a time saver.

  6. I agree Pinterest but in the mean time here is one from my Aunt and no it isn't beef! LOL. Put down a layer of rice, add chicken breasts on top, one can of cream of chicken soup. Then water, quite a bit because the rice will soak it up. Cook then enjoy.

  7. I love my crockpots (have all the different sizes), but if I had to, I would trade all of them to keep my George Foreman grill. It heats up in five minutes, and cooks just as fast. I make chicken, burgers, steaks, fish, and even grilled veggies. I use it more than any other appliance. I get those McCormicks shaker seasonings (my favorite right now is worchester pub flavor) and sprinkle on the flavor. I make a protein, a romaine salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar, and a steamed veggie every night. You can put it all together in less than 30 minutes is you have the ingredients on hand.

  8. A crockpot sounds like an excellent idea for a busy working woman :)


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