Wednesday, September 25, 2013

bad blogger, baaaaaadddd bad blogger

But let me entice you back to reading with some adorable cuteness .

I have had a list a mile long of sewing for other people...and it's mostly for little girls.

Sofia had her fourth birthday and she requested purple for a fall jacket. And so purple it was.
The jacket is purple twill bottomweight and I fully lined it with a pretty purple plaid flannel. I used a few different parts of a few different patterns, and then added a few more custom touches like that button tab at the back. Sof went on a date with Papa and I to a football game so she wore it for the first time that night. It's adorable

And so is Sof. She is everyone's favorite girl in our family...we love her to pieces and find her to be the most charming, intelligent, sassy, stylish and interesting young lady. She's proud as can be to be four and has just started ballet lessons.

I remember when her mom was four and started her first dance classes. Being Kate, of course she chose tap classes. When we got home after buying her tap shoes, she promptly put them on, pulled a dining room chair into the kitchen and climbed up to tap, tap, tap those shoes. One of those moments I'll never forget. I think she was more excited about the noise they made than actually going to the classes!

Next in line was an oldest daughter birthday dress. Meghan requested a vintage sheet dress, and so she got it. We have a few more alterations to make, but I'm sure it's going to be beautiful on her.

And then came two commissioned dresses for some other girls I know. You are not going to believe this, but those little girls  requested purple, too!

This is Maddie and her brand new American Girl doll. I got to meet her when she was in our area visiting her grandmother. Maddie had Very Specific instructions for the type of dress that she wanted. So I took notes, and made sketches with her, and to my delight, when she got her dresses in the mail, she was says her grandma. She immediately put those dresses on for a photo shoot, and then, requested to wear her dress for school pictures, and well, as I hear, Maddie wants to wear that dress All The Time!

My friend Jenna had a special request. Her daughter was asked to be in a wedding and they couldn't find a dress in the right color and style that Kyndal wanted. So again, we did some measuring and sketching and web searching to find the dress that Kyndal wanted to wear. 
I actually made a pattern, made a muslin, did some fittings and this is the result:
She's pretty cute, and excited about the wedding. And she tells me that her dress will also be  worn by her at the Dove Awards in a few weeks....

I just told her that if anyone approaches her on the red carpet and wants to know who she's wearing, she better tell them it's a one of a kind custom dress by Lynne. And pass out my business cards, please.


  1. awww all of those dresses and girls rock!!!! You did an amazing job LYnne!!!!!

  2. Beautiful dresses, Lynne! But if you are bad blogger, what does that make me??? I'll be back to blogging soon, I'm sure of it.

  3. Beautiful little girls in their lovely purple dresses, and purple coat. :) I enjoyed the stories, too. Great job!

  4. Those are fabulous dress! I think my favorite is the last one. Stunning! g

  5. All so cute! Little people clothes take just as much time as big people clothes -- you have been very busy! (And I do hope you get credit on the red carpet:)

  6. Oh my gosh, what fun! These are all so cute! Love 'em!

  7. Those are all so cute, Lynne, Sofia is just a doll and I bet she loved her date night with her grandparents.


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