Wednesday, July 17, 2013

would you go braless in the woods?

Camping?  You know I love tent camping with a passion. I even like a pretty campsite. But when this came in my email yesterday, I just had to chuckle a little.

Truth be told, I secretly wish I could camp like this. But camping with a man puts the kibosh on the whole pretty glamping thing.  And actually, chilly nights, rain, mosquitoes, hiking and kayaking can also put a damper on this whole scenario.

I'm lucky I get to hang pretty banners at our campsite. And that my camp decor is color coordinated.

But I admit, the idea of pretty floral chair and ottoman covers excites me.
Even though I'm roughing it when we camp,  I can tell you without a doubt that I would not be going braless in the woods. And this skirt?  Have you ever had a mosquito bite on your tush? (Actually, I'm kind of loving that little lantern thingy in the background...might have to steal that idea.)

I do like this dress/cover-up thing. Might be nice for poolside, but where we camp, an old t shirt will suffice!

 Speaking of swimwear, did I ever tell you about the time my mother made me a bikini? It wasn't crocheted, she sewed it. We were so proud of that bikini she made. I wore it for the first time when we were camping with a big group of friends and family. I swam out to a floating dock, and when I jumped up on that dock, my bikini bottom stayed behind. Mom forgot to use bathing suit elastic that didn't stretch when wet!

This is cute. Very cute. I wouldn't wear it in the wild, but I would wear it at home. My husband might disagree, complaining this a close cousin to a mumu.

But I'm thinking I might need this. Soon.

Okay, so I'm getting to the question I really had on my mind...I love Burda patterns. I don't like to trace. Even more, I don't like taping patterns together. As more and more indie designers are making their patterns available online, I'm finding that I'm less and less likely to download a more complicated pattern because of all the taping.  Not long ago, I ordered a Burda pattern for a robe. Of course, it took two reams of paper because of the length, and two hours for me to tape the pieces together. It's still sitting in my sewing room all taped up, not sewn. I think I lost steam and just put it aside for another day...another month...another year.  I'm looking at that pattern above and thinking about how much I love it, but how much time it's going to take before I even start to sew. That's just me. It sort of takes the "instant" out of "instant." So, I'll browse around the Big 4 and see if there is something comparable.

What do you think about those downloadable PDF patterns? Do you use them?

(after writing this post, I was emailing with Lori yesterday about Scout Woven Tee, and what do you think I did? Of course, I bought the PDF and printed it!


  1. I really like the idea of camping like that, but I'm with you, girl, camping with men ... ahaha, no.

    Also, hello! I'm a long time reader and just wanted to say thanks for all the giggles and inspiration. I love your sense of humor and your style is fierce.

  2. OF course I dont. I Just live vicariously through your sewing. I would love to dress and fun. But oh the are right!

  3. I absolutely loathe tracing and taping or anything else associated with downloadable patterns. I totally lack the patience. I so love the Big 4 and the fact that I can usually catch a great sale on them, why would I put myself through that torture? I've worked out what pattern alterations I need to make when using the Big 4 and have no desire to recreate the wheel with independent and downloadable patterns. Kudos to those that have more patience than I do!

  4. I usually do trace my patterns, partly so that my daughter and I have the possibility of using the same one, partly because somehow it seems easier for me to make my alterations on plain paper. BUT I haven't tried the downloadables yet, although I think I am going to get the Bombshell Bathing Suit pattern. Loved your bathing suit story -- glad you lived down the embarassment of that:)

  5. Re: the mumu, which it is not. We were watching Gidget Goes Hawaiian last night with the teenager, for a hoot (and it was), the fashions being the highlight and the low! The best line, "How to look ten pounds lighter instantly, wear a mumu!" Ah, no.
    I'd love to go glamping but the candelabra in the grass is pushing it. And yes, I have been mosquito-bitten on the tush!

  6. I don't even let that 'c' word cross my lips! It is a forbidden suggestion for a holiday in my books. Not even with the glitz and glamour in your cute pictures would I consider it.
    As for tracing and taping patterns, I have done a few smaller ones but not a huge fan - reminds me too much of covering the kids school books with contact paper each year...always leads to bubbles and wonky looking end product...

  7. I printed the free Colette Pattern Madeline but have yet to tape it, maybe tonight while watching a movie. It is certainly a lot of paper. I did print and tape and use a doll pattern and a bib pattern. I desperately need to wrap my head around FBA before trying to sew any tops or dress for myself

  8. I certainly don't remember camping ever being so glamorous. Isn't it all about dirt and soot and not having to worry about how you look?
    I've printed off a few free patterns, but I didn't particularly care for the taping and tracing and all that goes with it. But to pay for a pattern, then have to go through all that hassle - I don't think I've fallen in love with anything so much that I've wanted to do that. Might as well just draft my own pattern at that point!

  9. I trace almost everything anyway, but I really don't like cutting through printer paper - even with cheap scissors I keep downstairs. That being said - I think JR might like the muumuu cousin if you made it from a sheer like they did. Those clothes are cute, but not necessarily for camping. g

  10. Glamping--what a great word. That would mean we're in the backyard and I'm sleeping inside! I do like the wrap cover up.
    I trace everything because I being able to have a fresh copy of something available in case I go back and change things for fit or for style. But PDFs and the taping...oh how I hate that. No matter what, the patterns are always off a little, and a little bit here, a little bit there--we all know what happens to the fit.

  11. Going without underwire is indeed 'roughing it'. I think not! I am guilty of cruising the big4 for similar styles too- all that taping, oy!!!

    1. Seriously. And yet, like the siren song, I am drawn to those stinking print, trace and cut patterns! And I have a folder full of them. Unless of course, I could think of a way to make paper dresses from them. There's an interesting thought!

  12. Thank you for the lesson on bathing suit elastic. LOL I'll keep that in mind for the future.

  13. I love downloadable PDF patterns because for me they are quicker...almost instant gratification. Of course, where I live there is nowhere to pattern shop. Either I drive 1 1/2 hrs or I online shop.

  14. I have about 8 Burda magazines from the good old days of several pattern sheets but I refuse to buy them now that they have gone down to fewer sheets. I do fine sewing the Big 4 patterns and will continue to buy and sew most of these. But..... I do like downloadable PDF patterns for the instant gratification plus several are really good price points. Still laughing about your bikini bottoms!

  15. Love the story about the bikini your Mum made :) I prefer a little support so going bra-less isn't for me, and can I just say I completely get where you're coming from with the PDF patterns. I have such small amounts of sewing time, that by the time I've printed, taped and traced a pattern it's usually time for me to put it all away. So frustrating - but I do love the indie patterns.

  16. Sometimes I feel so "old fashioned" because I ABSOLUTELY hate printing off and taping. I really wanted to make the Archer Shirt from Grainline but after realizing how much work was involved that idea went away. Guess I will have to keep using my TNTs and the Big4 because I am one lazy sewist. Oh and I don't camp being an indoors kinda girl who hates bugs, sun, rain, mud, etc. I'm sure you get the picture...*LOL*

  17. I have a couple of print-cut-and-tape patterns, and have yet to do the cut-and-taping! Cutting out a pattern is my least favorite part of sewing, so do I want to add time to that phase of the project? No. Generally I can find a ready-to-use pattern that suits my needs!

  18. Ahahahaha! What, you don't look like that when you camp? I always wear a maxi dress in the woods, hahahahaha! OK, I am in the minority here, but I love PDF patterns! I don't mind sitting in front of the TV and taping up a pattern because I don't have to trace patterns and I know I'll always have the digital file if I change sizes drastically or want to make the pattern for someone else in a different size. I also like that I can see something I want, download it, print and tape, and sew it in the same day-- nearly instant gratification! But, there isn't a Jo-Ann's near me so I don't have the advantage of picking up $1 patterns!


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