Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Simplicity 2181



After posting this project to Pattern Review, I was asked by several people to show how I did the Simplicity 2181 Full Bust Adjustment. So, here we go. In my very non-conventional, fly by the seat of my pants way:

This is my Edward Scissorhands version! SO, I took a breath, and detailed just what I did.

Simplicity 2181 FBA Part 1 Cutting Lines \

Red lines approximate where I cut my pattern apart. When it was in pieces, I did my adjustment sort of like this: Note where the pieces were spread apart, and where they had to hinge. This is a weird sort of underbust seaming, but once you see how it works, I think the adjustment will make sense. I made some notes on the following image to help:

Simplicity 2181 FBA Part 2

Blue rectangle represents where the seam for under the bust will be created by folding and sewing together, matching dots and notches. In the photo below, this seam is within the blue square:

Simplicity 2181 Seam Diagram
(bright green line represents the re-drafted area represented by the green shading in the previous diagram)

Now, if that doesn't make sense, by all means, email me!

It's going to be a bright, bright sunshiney day!

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