Friday, May 15, 2015

It's a Cottage Collection

There's no doubt that when I'm arranging stuff and dreaming about new rooms, I think collections. What looks good together? What kind of theme is going on? What do I already have that would work back to an inspiration piece?

This week, it all started with a queen sized headboard. It's not that old, but it's charming . The creamy yellow, the faded floral finish . It's my inspiration piece. 


Can I pull together a decor style by supplementing with pieces from around the shop? Yes! And you can pull it together too! I immediately thought of a pretty buttery cream and white dresser that's in our shop. Perfect!

Then the fun really starts! Imagine chenille bedspreads, a funky chalkwear lamp and a vintage luggage rack for your robe or an extra pillow...

Or a sweet little white outdoor chair to pop in the corner? And a white hobnail candle from Sweetwick Candles. 

Another adorable option for this collection is this chest with decoupage floral on the door panels ! I painted it with this queen sized headboard in mind. It's a warm golden yellow and the florals relate to one another without being matchy-matchy. No matchy-matchy. 

I can't imagine a sweeter room for a girl, or for a cottage.  And just as I was able to start with an inspiration piece and then accessorize by pulling from things on hand, you can, too! Or, we can help you! 

It's a Cottage Collection! (All pieces are available for sale at ellen j goods.)


  1. I think there are a few chapters missing in this book. ;-) Nice to see you back.

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